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What type of business do you have?

  • Jenn_Givler,

    I would love to hear about how you got your business off the ground. What started for me as a hobby (making soap bars for a few friends) has turned into a something more...that I love to do when I am not producing seminars.
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  • It started as a hobby for me as well and then grew from there!

    I actually had a lot of success with the home party business model. I started doing home parties in 2001 - after I was laid off from the corporate gig. It went really well. Home parties were my main marketing activity. Though, I did do some networking and such.

    The other thing that really helped my business grow was to specialize in a focused niche. I marketed my products to "spiritually conscious" moms. This helped me focus my marketing efforts, and helped me really get to know my customers needs - and developing products that met those needs.
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  • My company is Websmith Group which offers website services such as website design, web application development, website hosting and ongoing site maintenance.
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  • I designed & built a biodiesel processing system that can produce diesel engine fuel that costs less then petroleum fuel.

    I do this by consuming half the normal energy input rates other companies have. I can use multiple feed-stocks which lets me hedge against commodity spikes in prices. The processor is continuous and modular (very small processor). I have another technology in the pilot stage. I am also looking at two other technologies for licensing. All tie in together to make my company self- sufficient, streamlined, and efficient.

    I am building a corporation around this that commercializes the technologies I invent or am acquiring.

    I am building an advisory board and am hiring a CEO. I have a 3rd phone call with the new CEO Tues. I hope it goes well.

    Oh yes, the CEO will be my first F/T Employee. (and I am the President and COO)

    P.S. me being the creative type please forgive my random way of writing.
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  • Hi to all,

    I am a dietitian and took July of 2006 to June of 2007 away from the workplace to be a SAHM. Although, I love the time with my daughter I found I needed something else to stimulate my mind. Therefore, this past June I started my own business - eNutritionServices. I provide online nutrition counseling and education, specializing in weight loss, heart health (high cholesterol/blood pressure), pediatric nutrition, prenatal nutrition, and lactation. I've been up and running since September and learning way more about marketing than I ever dreamed I'd want to know. So far I enjoy every aspect of having a private practice and I am excited about the possiblities. Baby number 2 arrives in 3 weeks - wish me luck keeping everything balanced!

    If anyone is interested -

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  • My home business site is - basically I'm setting up to provide resources for home and small based business to learn how to advertise effectively with radio, both traditional and internet (or podcast) radio.

    It's not my first kick at the cat when it comes to home business. I've been a home childcare provider, freelance writer, had a website and newsletter for childcare providers, done some direct sales and provided promotions and public relations services for small business.

    Of course, I'm only counting the things I've done since the boys started coming along. I had a little empire of cleaning, babysiting, dogsitting and housesitting going when I was in highschool and not at my part time job.

    Wow! That sounds really busy and slightly's really not as bad as it looks in writing.
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  • My sister and I just started our online business this month. Our company is making leather handmade baby shoes with baby's photo on it. We also provide moms a chance to design their dream shoes for their kids. If you have any idea about your baby's shoes and want to make them real, do not hesitate to contact with us. Our business site is
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  • By the time I found Women's Dream Team I had already spent $350 on scams! This was very frustrating for me considering I really didn't have the money to spend. When I found them I was looking for a "job" and now I own my own business! I love making money from home while taking care of my family. Afterall the family would have been there when the "job" wasn't. So check me out at and click on Hitch Your Wagon To A Star if you might be interested in another stream of income.
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  • Great to meet you all...I love your businesses!! My name is Shannon ....I have two munchkins DD age 7 and DS age 4.5. My business went live two months is a niche job board that connects employers with the "untapped" workforce, stat at home moms. There are thousands of educated and experienced moms nationwide looking for flexible/part-time opportunities, and wants to connect them with employers. We want to help ALL moms with ALL skill sets. Some moms are looking to get out of the house a few hours a week and earn extra money...while others are looking for a stepping stone to a full time position in the future.

    My goal is to help as many moms as possible...we have over 35 nationwide employers waiting to post work from home and on-site opportunities.

    Let me know what you think.... ...and what features you think I should add in the future...blogs, advisors, resources etc.
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  • I am running a small (very small) tutoring business. I go to student's homes or meet them at the library. I only have a few clients, but I am working on it. I am also moonlighting as a waitress. My website is
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