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Procrastination at work?

  • My kids won't leave me alone at home, so going into the office is wonderful. BUT, once I get here, I find myself tooling around the internet, not actually focusing 100% on work. Why am I so distracted! Does anyone else have this issue?
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  • I used to work in an office full-time. On days when I didn't have a meeting in the morning or something pressing to get done, I found that I procrastinated a lot. I think this was my way to relax a little. At home things were always nuts and busy, so the only place I could chill out was at work, procrastinating
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  • Hi,

    It's soooo easy to get lost online chasing a research topic or

    getting online home shopping done when I had planned to

    be working on other things instead .

    Like Nataly, I realized I was doing that because it was FUN

    and a way to chill out. Then, I decided to give myself

    a set amount of time to chill and kind of programmed my

    brain for that time limit.

    I wrote down something like: "Annemarie, you get 20 minutes of

    online-whatever when the urge hits." My brain does pretty good

    remembering the time limit...amazing!

    It's like recess!!

    Allowing myself to do that was the trick I needed and

    I found it helped me to generate new ideas, too.

    Hey, it's how I found!

    Talk to you later,

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  • P.S. Sometimes procrastination can be a symptom of something else...

    like an unmet need -- in my case RECESS -- or concern.
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  • When I worked in an office I definitely suffered from procrastination...I finally worked out a system to deal with it. The first half of the day was work,work,work then after lunch I'd relax and do completely un-work-related things until the last hour when I would return calls and organize for the next day. It was the best of both worlds.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lisa R.(dirtydiapersyndrome) on 18th August 2007
  • Yeah, I split up the day. First 30 mins, emails and messages. Then a bit of browsing. Work til noon. Browse thru lunch. More work. And I leave myself some time before I leave to tool around.

    ahhhh. I love work.
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