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Are you going to Blogher?

  • Post a comment if you are. We'll try to organize a little get-together for Work It, Mom! members, complete with Work It, Mom! goodies and giveaways you'll definitely like.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 11th July 2007
  • I'll be there!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Veronique Christensen on 12th July 2007
  • I won't be there, but one of my regular writers is going to attend and will be giving away As We Are bookmarks.

    Can Grace meet up with you for a few minutes to drop off some bookmarks for your group?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Trudi Evans on 13th July 2007
  • I'm going! Can't wait to meet the ladies of Work It, Mom! in person.
  • I am excited that some of our Work It, Mom! crew is going to be represented! I am getting in late on Thursday - what about you?

    And Trudi, I'll be there Friday and Saturday - so yes, will look forward to meeting Grace.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on Tuesday
  • I will be there Thurs. night through Saturday afternoon.
  • Where are you guys staying? I am at the W (love those cc points!) - let me know and perhaps we can all have a little Work It, Mom! meetup for coffee on Friday or Saturday morning. And the great news? Work It, Mom! is buying!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on Tuesday
  • I'm at the W, too. I'd love to meet for coffee, either morning.
  • I'd love to join you for coffee. Staying with friends so I'll bus it to join you
  • Ok, I know a few other WIM folks who are going and staying at the W - just checked the schedule and Friday breakfast is at 8:30 while Saturday is 8am. So I think if we met Thursday at 8am in the lobby of the W hotel it would be great - we could hang out for 30-45 mins and then head over to the Blogher event in time to have a second cup of coffee and some breakfast. Sound good?
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