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Going from freelancer to corporate

  • I spoke with a friend of mine over the weekend. She's been freelance consulting for 3 years and is now ready to go back into the corporate environment. She has several reasons for this, several of which are benefits (her husband just started school, so his aren't great for a family), and her feeling that she works better in a group environment. She asked me for any advice I might offer and since I've never made this transition myself, I am curious if anyone can share their experiences or tips.
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  • HA! That's me!

    I was self-employed for a long time before returning to the corporate world. I did it by becoming a consultant first. I worked for companies (at first) as an independent contractor on very small projects. When I decided I wanted to get back to a more 9-5 Monday thru Friday routine with just one client (instead of the handful I was juggling) I joined a consulting company as an FTE. They then placed me at their client sites. Eventually I was placed at a company as a consultant that I really liked. After a year of "dating" they made me an offer to come on board that I accepted.

    Consulting allowed me the opportunity to date several companies before I selected one to settle down with.
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