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What's in your bag?

  • Whether for work or play what are the essential items that never leave your bag and why?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by CareerBags Inc. on 18th July 2007
  • Wallet, Phone with MSN Mobile (email, browser, etc.), powder, lipstick, and glasses - just incase my contacts decided they have had enough, I will still be able to see!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 26th July 2007
  • Wallet, cell phone, hand sanitizer and tic-tacs.

    I need the wallet to each lunch at work, the cell phone in case of emergency while driving, the hand sanitizer because my son always has sticky fingers, and the tic-tacs are for fresh breath as well as a tool to keep the toddler quiet in the car!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dana on 7th August 2007
  • Wallet, Palm Treo and lipgloss are the bare essentials that exist in my bag.

    The wallet for obvious reasons, the Treo is a phone, email, calendar, address book and entertainment all in one. Lip gloss of some sort because it is the one make-up item I cannot live without!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 18th August 2007
  • Blackberry, small (teeny) wallet, small notebook, pen, orbit gum, keys (or I will lose them), chapstick and lipstick, small container of Excedrin.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 19th August 2007
  • Whats in my purse that can't be left out; is my phone,Identification, insurance card ,soc. sec. card, keys
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Farrah Miner on 6th January 2008
  • The essentials in my bag are wallet, Blackberry (often unattractively clipped to me, instead--a habit I vowed to change this year), hand sanitizer (I am a mom, oh yes I am), keys, business cards, Altoids. Usually about 1/2 ton of extraneous junk co-exists with the essentials.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jeanne on 6th January 2008
  • Wallet, phone, organiser, sunglasses (it's summer in Australia), keys and Burts Bees lip shimmer.

    Because they are the things I use every day.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Caitlin Mowbray on 7th January 2008
  • Wallet, first aid kit (for those emergencies!), work file, MP3 player, lollipops for the kids (for those OTHER emergencies!), tissues, a notebook, pens, Burt Bee's liptint, and hand santizer.

    Yes, I have a big bag.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SK on 7th January 2008

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