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Poll: How do you feel about professional networking?

  • Awesome Mary!

    Send me an email so I can keep you on file ok?
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  • I turned this discussion into an article about networking:

    Great discussion, ladies!
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  • This is all very valuable advice and that within itself is one of the keys to networking...offering VALUE to others instead of SELLING to others.

    I think another thing to do with your networking is to set up a networking schedule and create a spreadsheet with the places and people you meet with all the contact information.

    There are 2 networking chats that I know about online that are FREE:

    Sunday nights at 9pmEST called Sunday Abundant Networking- host Kim Emerson

    Tuesday nights at 9pmEST called Business & Learning chat - hosted by Wendy Cooper and Tammy Munson

    Both of these are in the Business and Learning chat room.

    and add your name and password is learning.

    I hope to see you there!


    Teresa Morrow


    Key Business Partners

    Business Support Services for Entrepreneurs
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