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Poll: Is it OK to have a drink while taking care of your kids?

  • I agree... way back when I was a nanny, the idea of pouring myself a drink while I was "on duty" would never have even occurred to me for that very reason.
  • Vodka is a Moms best friend... colorless... odorless... (Just kidding... sortof).

    I too would be livid if I found out my care provider was drinking while in charge of my angels... but then, I don't drink on the job and I expect the same from them! I don't think that's a double standard.

    Plus, I know what I am doing... how I handle myself...etc... we never know these things for sure about others. (That's the control freak in me speaking.)

  • I've had this discussion in other arenas. My bottom line? It depends on who the caregiver is. No, I don't drink on the job (I'm a childcare provider, as it happens), but back when I was hiring care for my own children, there were those - family, friends - who were shown not only where the kids' stuff was, but where the wine was, when they came in to sit of an evening. A teen (even an of age teen) would not be given the same privilege.

    Also, many people DO drink during their work day. They head out for lunch, and maybe have a glass of wine with it, then head back to the office.

    So, I'd say "it depends".
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  • I'm probably the only one that feels this way, but I really don't like it when someone is having a drink and holds my baby. Yes, even family members. I think this is because I don't drink myself. I'm worried that the person might stumble while holding her....for that matter I don't like it when people wear heels and hold her either...but that's another story.
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