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Bed rest

  • Anybody on here been on bed rest before? I was hospitalized on bed rest for a week with my last pregnancy, and now this time around, I've been on bed rest 5 days so far at home. I'm 33 weeks today, so thankfully, I already know I won't be in bed for more than a couple of weeks. It's still driving me crazy though. There are so many things to do, and with the baby coming soon, I am being overwhelmed with urges to sort our old baby clothes, wash windows, bake, etc.... Nesting is one thing it is definitely hard to do from bed!!

    Anyways, I'm here online, trying to keep myself busy with web work for the next two weeks. I have a couple of prospective clients, whose work I could definitely be doing, but I'm afraid I've put them off by having to cancel our in person meetings...

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  • Hi Nicu101!

    So sorry to hear about the bed rest, but glad that everything seems to be okay for the long run.

    I haven't been on bed-rest. But Nataly and I have had conversations about the little lies we tell our clients when we have actually been taking care of kid stuff-- and we both resent it. I think it is perfectly legitimate (especially for YOUR business!) to have to cancel in person meetings because you are on bed rest! People throw out their backs all the time-- this is certainly more important than that!

    I'd go ahead and make yourself do the client work so you can find an excuse to talk to them and touch base again. I think it will make you feel better.

    I have, for two years, fretted about clients and thought that they were thinking one thing or another about me. And it has almost never been true. I suspect that is the case with your clients too. And if they are off-put by this, then you will find other clients, and hopefully a better caliber of people!

    Good luck!
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  • Oh, that stinks! I have 4 children and luckily, I was never on bedrest. But a good friend of mine was on bedrest for gestational diabetes with each one of her 3 children. Hopefully, you have some help at home and a comfortable tray for your laptop!
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  • Thanks guys. I wish I could do the work, but apparently I tipped my hand too soon, because I haven't gotten the passwords yet to the admin for their website... You're right about the caliber of the people. If they are truly that bothered, they aren't the right fit as clients for me
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  • I was on bed rest for only a few days as my daughter was born at 27+5 due to pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome which forced an early delivery. The first day or so it was fine I just watched Telly read magazines had visitors but as I became sicker I just didn't want to do much anyway. I didn't have my business then and thats something we need to think about in the future if we do decide to have any more children.

    Good Luck with your bed rest I am sure you will restrain yourself its not worth it if the end result that your baby is born and you have to go to NICU.

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