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I need sleep!

  • Any suggestions for a busy mom who doesn't have enough hours in the day?! Seriously, I work 8 hours a day on my computer (usually 2 right now and 6 after the baby goes to bed) and I am usually up until 2 or 3 in the am. Then the baby gets up at 7 or 8. I can handle one or two nights of this but I am now getting less sleep than when the baby was getting up 4 times a night. My husband says "go to bed"- like its that simple. I have so much work to do!
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  • I wish I could offer you a great suggestion, but instead I only have empathy to offer. I am 32 weeks pregnant, and I go back to work as a teacher on Tuesday. I am obsessive about keeping my house clean, and between my husband and 6-year-old, it seems like all I do is pick up after them. My son does not go to bed very early, so I end up staying up late just to have quiet time, or an actual conversation with my husband. Any housework that I want to do, gets done after my son goes to bed. My husband watches from the couch, where he is watching TV, and tells me to just go to bed if I'm tired. But, who's going to clean then?

    My only suggestion that I can offer is to maybe have someone come to your house a few hours a day to watch the baby, so that you can either get your work done and go to bed earlier, or so that you can nap and not be so tired. Good luck to you!
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  • Can you afford some help? Can you let go of some things? (Sometimes the second is the harder question...) I have as much help as I can afford. I work full time and have a 2 hour/day commute. We have a housekeeper who does our laundry. My mother in law takes the kids a couple days/week to classes.

    What about having a neighbor kid walk the dog or mow the lawn? Hire a teenager to help you fold laundry or file paperwork? Order groceries online and have them delivered? Get a housekeeper even if it is just to clean the bathrooms and wash the floors?

    Good luck!
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  • Speaking from expierence I have a Mother that had been in the hospital 1 mo shy if a year. When she can home she was not able to walk ever again. The meds and foods that were reintroduced to her had me up all night. At that time my daughter and her moved home with 2 babies.......So this is what I did and now do. Momma goes to dialysis every other day.

    1st) I left my job to work from home

    2nd) I am up at 4:30 am I dishes away, start supper and fix breakfast, laundry and get my mom to dialysis.

    When I come home I pack Lunches,get my son and husband off and check emails and bids and submit quotes

    I lay down from 6:30to 7:30am

    3rd)My customers are so used to what I do they call me on the phone,cell or email me.

    4th) I pick Momma up at 10:30am

    5th) After I fix lunch for and get Momma and the grandkids settled

    6th) Nap time is at 1:00 I forward the phones to my VM. Mom is asleep, grandkids are napping.............son is up and in his room.

    I lay down and grab and hour.

    Generally the kids and Mom sleep for several hours so that lets me get all of my business calls and emails done. I do my marketing from 4-5 have a list of calls that I make.

    My mom keeps an eye on the kids while I am putting dinner on the table....everyone comes home about 6 sooooooo I hand the grandkids to their mom my son helps clean off the table empty the trash and load the dishwasher. My mom from her wheelchair will do as much as she can putting leftovers in containers. My husband spends time with our son, starts a load of laundry, works in the garden and helps with the grandkids.

    Mom,Grandkids are all in bed by 8-9 I scrub floors. fold laundry, shower and by 10:00 I am down for the count.

    But trust me sleep when they sleep. Don't think you can't call your friend and trade an hour with them for a nap or call your family members to give you a break. I was one not to ask.But dark circles are not becoming and and when your husband dosen't get his attention because your tooooo tired trust me they realize. It took Paul being on vacation and seeing what I do to say " wow, what can I do for you and you need a nap. And a overnight visit from or to grandma's And a night away from home to a local motel/hotel, dinner a good book and a bubble bath works wonders. And you are only minutes away if they can't live without you. I have been doing this since Nov. 2003.

    Feel free to scream, cry and email........Good Luck!
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  • Gosh Kim, what a schedule! There are times when everybody helps(my husband, 14 yo, 11yo, and 8yo) but it seems to never be enough. Hiring anybody is out of the question right now- money is tight (I have 2 kids in braces and 1 in diapers). My husband works alot of double shifts so most of the time I feel like a single mom. With a family of six, one meal is a daunting task in itself! On top of working at a new business, caring for my 3 older kids, home, and husband, my baby is a fussy, demanding kid (must have gotten that from my husband). He wants to be entertained and fed all the time! Thanks all for the suggestions...I guess I just have to add myself into the mix of priorities.
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  • When I had Zach Nikkie was 13. I was a whse mgr for a corrugated box company and I walked away from that to stay home for aleast a year. Nikkie was a great help although I never let her feel that she was a built in babysitter. I just showed her how to do laundry, the dishes she had aleardy been doing. Picking up after herself became a priority. Dinners became ones that were simple to make and fast. I used to stress about how in the world did my mom take care of 4 kids work and keep the house up. I asked and she said your kids need you. The house will get clean the dishes will get done and if anybody says anything about it they don't need to back to visit. Your kids are only little can give me shout anytime you need too!
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  • If your baby takes a nap, nap with him/her. You gotta get your sleep. Whatever you're doing during nap time, it can't be as important as getting your rest. I'd also suggest giving your two older kids more responsibility. Also, maybe you could train them to get themselves and the 8 yo ready for school 2 days a week so you could sleep until the baby gets up.
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  • I have to agree with Sheryl. You just need to sleep. It's not a matter of "I have so much work to do"... it's a matter of either taking on less work, or becoming more efficient with the time you have.

    What happens if you get sick? What happens if you are too tired to be an effective, happy mommy? Something has to give and don't let it be YOU!

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