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I desperately need advice TODAY!!!!

  • Hi. I have a work related situation that I could use some advice on. I have two children, ages 16 and 13. I worked from home doing childcare for 13 years. I went back to work outside of the home a few years ago--sometimes I enjoyed working out of the home but the majority of the time I missed being home and available for my own kids. Even though they were older and didn't "need" me, I still missed being here. I'm currently out of work (thats another story, lol) and am in the process of deciding if I want to go back into childcare or get a job outside of the home again. I have two families that will enroll their children with me immediately if I decide to re-open. I have a "potential" job outside of the home too--right now its a "temp" job and could go to a permanent position in about 5 weeks but I have to accept the position TODAY and won't know the status of it going permanent until 5 weeks from now. IF I take the job then I will definately lose the families that want to enroll in my daycare.....and if I take the job outside of the home there is a possability that I will be right back to having no job in 5 weeks.....

    Any thoughts or opinions on this?? I'd like to hear how others would decide or what would be the deciding factor for YOU if you were in this position????

    Thanks so much!!!!
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  • This is going to sound Oprah-cheesy, but if you're really honest with yourself and put aside any feelings of obligation or guilt, what do you think you want to do? You wrote that most of the time when you worked outside the home you thought you'd rather go back to doing in-home childcare - do you feel that way? Or are you ready to try something new?

    And sure, it's really stressful because no job is 100% secure - but do you think if you tried to work outside the home and then decided that you wanted to go back to childcare that you could find other families? Sounds like you have really great experience...

    Personally, I've made some drastic career changes - wrong or right, I usually go by my gut reaction to something. It's that brief moment of honesty with myself...
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  • I have to go with Nataly on this one. If you take a chance on the temporary job and it doesn't become permanent then you will

    a) look for another job

    b) think of how you can use your skills to start consulting or start another work from home business

    c) find other families who need childcare.

    Nothing is permanent-- what if you chose the childcare option and then something fell through and they pulled their kids? You'd be stuck too. There are no guarantees, so do the one you really WANT to do so you don't resent doing the thing you think you SHOULD do.
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  • Thank you ladies so much!!! I knew coming here would help me. My HEART is in childcare!!!! And by doing that my OWN family benefits by having me at home. I'm home for my own kids, I'm home and can do chores during daycare nap time, I can have dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, etc etc.

    I know the benefits of the county (insurance, 401k, retirement) are better than in the daycare business but my husband works for the same company that I got the job offer from so we already have full coverage health insurance through them--I can put money aside myself for retirement and stuff like that.

    I'm going to decline the job, I feel better already. Yep, my heart is in childcare--I LOVED that job!!!!!!


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  • I agree with the others. But in-home childcare is so needed I don't think you'll have problems with customers.
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