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  • That Snape business was about the best kept mystery in the entire series. It left me wondering if she had planned it that way all along, or if she twisted it to fit the ending. Whatever the truth behind Snapes character was I certainly didn't see it coming and loved the pensive scene.
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  • Hey CursingMama, I know that Katie K was writing Harry Potter fan fiction at one time. I have another friend who writes fan fiction too. I know you were kidding about Neville, but have you ever written fan fiction or wanted to?
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  • I'm replying before I've read the comments before mine. I THOUGHT IT SUCKED! It had none of the charm of the earlier books and it read like a screenplay, not a novel.

    Okay. Now I am going to read the comments.

    So what do you think about JK Rowlings statement a couple of days ago at a Scholastic Book meeting that Dumbledore is gay? I don't care if he is gay so much, but I really think it is crap to have decided that so long ago and not had the guts to put it in the books. This adding details after the series is finished seems the very least, it is not cricket. Or Quidditch. I know, I know, in the world of fan fiction, anything the author says at any time must be accepted as canon...but what are we supposed to do withat information??

    Yes, I was writing some fan fiction this summer, about a transfer student in year 4 who is Malfoy's cousin, a girl originally from Durmstrang, sent to Hogwarts for her own good. She is in love with Harry, but can't possibly even talk to him. Kind of a Romeo/Juliet thing plus a doppleganger!

    Oh...JKR said that Neville marries Hannah Abbot, who is the proprietess of the Leaky Cauldron.
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  • So, why is it ok that it's canon that Neville marries Hannah but not ok that Dumbledore was gay?

    I don't really care. And I don't think it showed up because really? Dumbeldore's sexuality was so not the point. It wasn't an important fact about him. Just like Minerva being straight (if she was) wasn't a relevant fact about her in terms of the story being told.

    Does put a whole new twist on the Grindelwald thing and taking his wand, though. ;)
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  • I loved Deathly Hallows! I think that was partly because my husband and I read it aloud to each other! I felt like the characters really matured and came into their own in this book. My favorite part was learning about all that Dumbledore's Army had been up to. Also, I loved all the stuff with Luna..."a circle has no beginning"...cracks me up!
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  • Kimberly: I don't care about Dumbledore being gay. What I was trying to say was that I am against authors tacking on important information after the series is complete. I rather like the idea of Dumbledore being gay. It makes sense. I don't like Neville marrying Hannah Abbot. Like many people I imagined him with Luna.

    (One of my best friends for 25 years is gay, and at university my room mate for two years was a lesbian)
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  • But it's not necessarily "tacked on." All fiction authors have backstory when they write. Stuff they know about their characters that doesn't make it into the book because it's not important to reveal it, just that the author know it to be true to the character.

    I think the gay angle works perfectly, and I can absolutely see it. We're talking about a very old, very single man. Whose only "relationship" we ever heard of was a tragic liason in his youth--with another man.

    I wanted Neville to be gay, actually. Which was probably too obvious. As was Luna.
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  • I think it's kinda funny that Dumbledore is gay (since it will probably make it so that even more children aren't allowed to read the series), but it falls under the category of "eh who cares?" for me personally...I'm really glad it didn't make it into the book though. It would have seemed way to contrived. As if she were trying to add in something about gay rights or wouldn't have gone along with the story at all in my opinion. I agree with you Kimberly. I don't think it was tacked on either.
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  • This morning as I was going to work, I caught myself thinking about Dumbledore and what it says about him, that he fell in love once as a young man and never got over it. How very sad. Tragic, except that no matter what his preference, gay or straight, this points to such neurosis that it seems uncharacteristic of Dumbledore, who is presented as being so wise.

    I wish taht while she was at it she had conjured up a secret life partner for him, someone who emerged only after his death and told about their midnight broom rides to a secret trysting spot in the Shrieking Shack.
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  • Although it's become so much more. It's important to remember: It's just a book...I thought it was a good read. I hated to see it end, but yet I was happy it did. If her last book was her best I'd be mourning the end of the series more.

    But was anyone disappointed in the last movie? I hated it! It was too short and it shortchanged the book terribly!! So many important details were left out. Details that would be important in the next movies.

    It felt that they rushed it through to completion. I miss Chris Columbus as director!!! He kept things true to the book. The movie was only 2 hours long. In the days of epic long movies, 2 1/2 hours would not have been too much and could have made that movie much better!

    that would be my 2 cents worth...I would have made it 2 1/2 cents but I'm shortchanging everyone---LOL!
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