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bored mom - help!

  • I have chronic illness which takes away my license so I cannot drive. My mind and body are fine to work though - I am looking for something to do from home. I am bored stiff. My interests include cooking, reading, crafts and creative writing. I don't know how to break into something or start something - HELP PLEASE!
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  • How about baked goods?
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  • I would love to do that - don't know how to advertise to sell - we live in a small town with no restaurants or bakeries that could sell them. no big offices to sell in either. I LOVE TO BAKE - any ideas? I also don't know - are their regulations re: selling baked stuff--i.e. certification for the kitchen?? any help is appreciated!
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  • How about writing as a career? Blogging, articles, staff writer...? If you love writing that would be entertaining. I don't know anything about baking but that sounds like a good idea too!
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  • How about a farmers market? Or Put a sign up at the supermarket or an add in the newspaper for the holidays only go with things you know how to bake keep it small. My mom used to sell applesauce cakes and would take orders for them and sell sooooooo many it paid for our christmas presents.......
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  • Hi,

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  • If you want to bake, I'd contact local caterers and see if they are interested in purchasing baked goods from you (my husbands catering business used many off site bakers over the years)

    If you want to write, I'd blog and just monetize your blog with ads. This way you can express your creativity and earn some money as well.

    OR you could do both ;)

    They are both compatible with each other, as they could potentially each be part time jobs.

    Crafting and Reading are things I enjoy also, but I can't think of a way to earn money off of them from your home that doesn't involve a large investment.

    Good luck!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Wendy Milonas on 3rd October 2007
  • yes! you could do a baking blog! and then if people really like whatever it is that you are baking (pictures, etc.) but dont feel like doing it themselves, they can order it from you and you can ship it! i am sure there is tons of info onling regarding regulations for selling food (if any) which may only apply once you hit a certain size or ammount you are selling.

    if you do start a baking blog - let us know! i love to bake but time is short so i dont usually get to do it - but i would love to read about your baking success/failures/new attempts, etc.
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  • A baking or cooking blog would definitely work! One of my clients likes to knit so she started a knitting blog with patterns and she earns money from ads on the site.

    There is always a way to earn money while doing something you like!
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