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What are your fitness (okay, weight loss) goals?

  • I'll be brave and start. I am not going to state here how much weight I need to lose (about 40 pounds), but I will tell you my starting size and and the size I want to be:

    I currently wear between a Size 18 and a Size 16. I am happy to say that lately my 18s are very very baggy, but it also depends on the brand. Sigh.

    My goal is to be a size 12. I am 38 years old, and I will be 40 in about a year and a half. I would like to be a size 12 by then. I am 5'7" and I have been as small as a size 10, but even at my very thinnest when my bones were jutting out, have never been able to wear an 8.

    I know that a size 12 is reasonable for me to attain and maintain.

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  • Ok, I'm gonna be hated. But even small girls have "fitness goals."

    I'm 35 years old and a size 5 mostly. Sometimes a 4. Depends on the cut and the brand. I think I weigh slightly over 130, but I'm not sure. It fluctuates, and I don't own a scale.

    I'd like to lose about 5 lbs. Not a lot, just enough to slim the belly a bit. But I think sometimes that it's actually easier to have a large weightloss goal than a small one. Large ones are an accomplishment. Small ones require a commitment that it's just hard to muster sometimes.

    Mostly though, I want to be toned. There might not be a lot of flesh on me, but what there is is jiggly. I want not to be jiggly anymore.
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  • I understand, Kimberly-- I think sometimes when you are trying to get rid of that last 5, it is very hard. I am hoping I don't plateau anytime soon!

    How tall are you?
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  • I'm a shade under 5'3". Honestly, I'm not anorexic or blinded by some ridiculous media image, I'm just a wee thing. I've got curves, and in fact feel quite round compared to my best friend--a six foot tall nordic goddess.

    But I've been a size 14, and the lesson I learned is that no matter what size your pants are, YOU still have to live in them.
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  • (feeling brave)

    I need to lose 15 pounds of flab. How I'm going to do it - I'm not sure....
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  • I'm a size 8 or 10...depending on the brand. I think I weigh around 155 pounds. I don't own a scale so I can't say for sure. I'm 5' 8".

    My fitness goal is quite simply to be more toned. Sadly, I think that the areas where I want to see tone actually HAVE tone, it is just buried under a bit of fat. So the fat needs to go.

    But I REFUSE to go on any sort of formal diet. I think diets are unhealthy. So I am trying to make healthier decisions about what goes into my body (more water, less soda and coffee).

    My plan?

    Start exercising again. I haven't touched the elliptical in about 4 weeks. The new weight machine? She is dusty too. So I need to get back into the workout routine that my brother created for me. I know if I follow his plan consistently I will see results. He is the god of fitness.

    Aside from exercise I need to be smarter about my food and beverage choices. This is an area where I have no discipline at all. I also need more protein according to my brother. So I need to get back into that habit too.

    mmmmmmm...protein shakes....
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  • Well, here is my interpretation of "diet," and I think you will agree that it's probably closer to what you are doing.

    I don't actually count calories, I suppose. But I do this:

    1) I've stopped eating fast food. Um, except for this past Tuesday night.... at 1 a.m.... Taco Bell is a very big weakness for me. I adore it. And when I eat it, I want to drink a Dr. Pepper. Sigh. So, it was my dirty little secret several times a week. I have stopped that, and that cuts out the Dr. Pepper too.

    2) We eat at our local bar on Friday nights. This used to mean multiple beers, onion rings, fries, etc. Now, I get a burger, one beer, and then soda water. No onion rings, no fries. I guess I could switch to a lite beer too... But let's not go nuts, shall we?

    3) I try to eat vegetables with every meal. I didn't this morning for breakfast, but I had two helpings of fruit salad that I made myself, and then I ate some almonds. Are you detecting that I don't really know how many calories are in all of this? But I know it's less than when I had lots of cream cheese on bagels and when I had bacon or a big, greasy breakfast sandwich that my husband would make for me...

    4) I switched from a sweetened coffee creamer to a soy creamer with half the calories and only 3g of sugar.

    5) I cut out egg yokes (unless I make a hard-boiled egg for a salad).

    6) I cut out mayo with tuna. And now I add capers and pickles.

    7) When I go out to eat, I try to get salads and soups and I try not to eat the entire portion. But I sometimes do eat it.

    8) Switched my crackers over to Triscuits: No added sugar.

    9) Instead of getting a huge Diet pop every day, I just try to stick with water.

    10) I get a latte at the coffee shop made with skim milk, instead of my beloved mocha.

    All of these are based on lifestyle changes that I can maintain. So, I think it was misleading when I said I am on a calorie-restricted diet. I am restricting the calories that I *know* I was having regularly before by making other choices.

    But it took a long, honest look at what I was actually eating to realize that I had LOTS of areas in which to make better choices.
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  • Hey that soy creamer sweet at all? I could use a nice replacement for my spoonful of sugar in my morning coffee???
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  • Yes, it is-- in fact, Dereck has substituted it for his spoonful of sugar every morning.
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  • Holy cats! I need to go to the grocery store and get me some Soy Creamer!

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