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Who are your favorite authors?

  • It's funny that my favorite authors don't write for my favorite genre (necessarily!):

    Jane Austen

    Michael Ondaatje

    Jo-Anne Beard

    Anne LaMott

    Jane Smiley

    Ann Tyler

    Richard Russo

    Mary Balogh

    John Irving

    Milan Kundera

    This list is by NO means inclusive!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 17th August 2007
  • For some reason, questions about my favorite ANYTHING always make me freeze up - it's not that I have no opinions, I just can't come up with any answers when I'm on the spot, I guess. So I've thought about the authors whose books nearly always end up on my TBR stack - this is probably not going to end up as an all-time-faves list, and I'm sure I'll forget some.

    Michael Chabon

    Anne Tyler

    Barbara Kingsolver

    Jane Hamilton

    Jodi Picoult

    Christopher Moore

    Jane Smiley

    J.K. Rowling (even if she never writes anything else ever again!)

    Sue Miller

    I may be back with another post once I'm home and can look over my bookshelves .
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 17th August 2007
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez in first, second and third place

    followed by a few others, like Allende and Kundera, but no one comes close - I've had a love affair with Marquez since I was really young - too bad he doesn't know it
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 19th August 2007
  • I'm seeing that some of mine are repeats. I love them no less, and I am excited to check out some new authors on Shelfari! Yeah!

    Anyway, here is my list:

    Harper Lee

    Ann Patchett

    Sarah Vowell

    Laurie Notaro

    Christopher Moore

    Harlan Coben

    Anne Lamott

    For all sorts of reasons. Kind of like food - I crave different books on different days.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Erica (crummy_cupcake) on 21st August 2007
  • Jane Austen

    Robertson Davies

    Constance Beresford-Howe

    Maeve Binchy

    Bill Bryson

    Anne Tyler

    Carol Shields

    Oh, I know there are more, but can I think of them right this minute? Course not...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 22nd August 2007
  • I need to read Lamb by Christopher Moore. I have it (well, my husband has it, so I have it LOL), and have had it recommended so many times.

    This forum is convincing me.

    Ahhhh, Anne Tyler and Carol Shield, Bill Bryson, Ann Patchett, Anne Lamott... You guys are my people!

    Florinda, I had a fiction workshop with Jane Smiley when I was an undergrad (so long ago...) and I hadn't read her yet... so I sort of blew it off... Then I read A Thousand Acres. And kicked myself a thousand times.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 22nd August 2007
  • Margaret Mitchell

    Pat Conroy

    Barbara Kingsolver

    John Irving

    JK Rowling

    Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Maeve Binchy

    Nora Roberts

    Amy Tan

    Judy Blume

    Beverly Cleary

    I run the gamut don't I?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by amanda on 23rd August 2007
  • Jen,

    You absolutely do need to read Lamb. And then, around holiday time, read The Stupidest Angel. I hooked my husband on Christopher Moore and he's now read more of his books than I have.

    A fiction workshop with Jane Smiley?! Wow. A friend of mine had a couple of retreats/writing workshops with Madeleine L'Engle, whom I've been a fan of since my teens, and boy, did I envy her. I have yet to have such close encounters with greatness.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 23rd August 2007
  • I loved Lamb but my fave C. Moore book of all time is Practical Demon Keeping

    Authors not listed that I've enjoyed:

    Ami McKay

    Sparkle Hayter

    Margaret Atwood

    Jeffrey Archer

    Dean Koontz (in small doses)

    Gail Anderson-Dargatz

    there are many more I"m sure.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Trudi Evans on 29th August 2007
  • Amanda, you have many of my favorites on your list!

    And Florinda, OMG! Madeleine L'Engle! So much better than Jane Smiley!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 29th August 2007

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