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What type of bag do you use the most?

  • Hi.

    My name is KathyHowe and I am a bag junkie.

    I have a thing for bags but more than having a large quantity of bags (ummm...which I do) I am mostly interested in finding stylish and functional bags that are just the right size for the occasion. I am also in constant search of bags that transfer from work to play easily.

    My all-time favorite two bags are both very small black bags that carry those bare essentials (wallet,phone, lip gloss). One is made of leather, the other is made of hemp.

    I love the simplicity of the bags and the small size limits me from cramming them with things I don't really need to carry around each and every day.

    What kind of bag do you use most frequently? Totes? Handbags? Backpacks? Briefcases?
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  • I mostly have a clunky black backpack that I can cram everything into.

    Over the summer, I bought a bright, colorful, lightweight fabric bag from a street vendor, with a tiny wallet to go in it. Then, I spent a bit of time finding the perfect tiny notebook to put in it.

    The bag was cheap, but it has a long shoulder strap, and I get lots of compliments on it. However, the main zipper isn't working anymore, so I am now on the hunt for another small bag, maybe in black. I find that I don't need to break my back with so much stuff after all!
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  • I love bags! I find that the best for me is one that is a small tote with a center zippered pocket that creates two open pockets on either side. the best ones have light colored or patterned interior - and i never figured out why until a friend of mine noticed - it is sooo much easier to FIND things when the inside of the purse is brighter in color!

    However, for work I do usually also carry a large shoulder bag that is my laptop/work papers bag. Even though it was never intended for that purpose, it fits everything perfectly! Yes, I actually carry both a purse and my laptop bag to work every day - so worth it though!

    Normally I stick to the low end of the purse scale by searching TJ Maxx, Marshalls etc. for deals on previous season cute bags (rarely spending more than $30!) since I abuse them and pretty much don’t touch them again after some piece inevitably breaks off. Though, lately I have been drooling over some of the new Coach styles. I broke down and bought their large wallet (on sale, at the outlet. What can I say, I like a bargain!), mostly because there is not yet a cheap knock off version and it is with out a doubt the best designed wallet I have ever seen! Not only does it have spaces for all of your various cards (credit, gift, AND grocery VIPs) but it still zips when full of cards, cash, AND change! Love it. So now it is telling me it would really feel more at home with a matching Coach purse.

    Patience my dear wallet, patience.
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  • Wow, I feel like I have come home to the mothership I love bags. My DH doesn't understand the need for as he says, "so many" but I am a business owner as well as the full time caretaker of our 2 kiddos. Wherever I go, they go. So I need something large enough to hold my essentials, work items, as well as extra things to entertain and tend to the kids. Thank goodness big bags are in style. Otherwise, when I am kidless I also like wristlets. Just big enough to hold money, keys and maybe a lip gloss. I slip it on and am ready to go! Plus you can get a designer one (I have a cute Coach one) and not feel guilty about spending $$$.
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  • As a bag fanatic I did what any good addict would do... get a job in the industry so that I can feed my addiction at a fraction of the cost. After reading all the previous entries I feel very relieved that I'm not alone in my compulsions.

    As a person who specializes in finding the best laptop cases for professional women, I tend to carry a new bag for every function I attend.

    My current favorite for work is by a Tokio based company called MetStyle. I carry the business tote which is open at the top allowing easy access to all my items. It has an attached laptop holder that separates my notebook from my other things. The two open pockets at the top (the main pocket is very deep) are great - I can drop my keys, PDA, phone, etc. into and get them out just as easy.

    The material is stitched in this diamond patterns and its a deep purple, which I love. The best part is the laced detail along the front of the bag - it completes the design and adds that special character I always look for in items I purchase. I am constantly receiving compliments on the bag as it allows me to go from the office to dinner and no one would ever guess I have my computer in it.

    As fickle as I am though I'm sure my favorite will be changing shortly... I'm on the prowl.
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  • I am not a bag addict. I find it mystifying. One of the greatest challenges I can face is switching between bags-- it's traumatic!

    I was on the south coast of Turkey on vacation last year when I decided it was time I graduate from my Docker messenger bag to something more fitting to my station in life (40+ year old director of editing services)-- a leather messenger bag! Not really a messenger bag, as it lack s all the pockets. My bag is dark and plain with pletny of room for my gadgets and papers. I carry it everywhere.

    My 15 year old daughter, however, does have the bag bug. she is forever steering me off track towards some shop window to drool over the bags, and whenever she has spending money she buys a bag. A really nice bag. And this summer a friend of hers who has a mom who owns an upscale fashion store in downtown Istanbul was cleaning out her closets and gave her a tote that she no longer wanted, a $1,400 Balenciaga!
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  • I have one back its just a two handled brown purse that carries my phone and receipts and all my insurance and Identification.
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  • I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on a bag. Thankfully, my sister-in-law can... she gave me a gorgeous Kate Spade bag for Christmas last year. I use it for everything.

    I also have a pretty, cotton crewl-work (embroidery with heavy thread in a flower-and-vine pattern) that I got in India when I was a child that I still use and love. It's unusual, casual, bot too big, but big enough to hold my wallet, cell phone, and other essentials.
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  • As an entrepreneurial mom, I am always on the look-out for mid-size, multi-functional bag that holds my office essentials, planner, daytime cosmetics, credit cards & cash, etc. As a busy, working mom, it's so much easier to keep everything in one place and just grab one bag every day..........I used to carry a briefcase plus a purse (and sometimes the diaper bag, too!), but it became a juggling act. Now, when I travel, I can grab the same, single bag, toss in a couple personal items for the flight, and I'm out the door!
  • OOF! I'm a bag hound but I have yet to find the one true bag.

    Most days, I use a Vera Bradley bag with the six pockets because it holds all of my work stuff and still has room for my laptop in a sleeve.

    I misplaced the sleeve, so I started bringing a Timbuk2 messenger bag that belongs to my partner. It's nice! But not particularly roomie.

    I have a million purses (and am going to do a bag purge in the next month or so) but I use only 2-4 regularly. If I have a bag for work or a diaper bag, I don't bother to carry a purse. I just throw my wallet into whatever bag I already carry.

    In terms of diaper bags, I had one custom made from Happy Tushies. It's a little unstructured, but I love it dearly because it has my favorite sushi fabric lining it.

    I should look for a nice computer bag, but ugh.
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