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Have you ever hosted a student teacher from another country?

  • My kids go to a Spanish Immersion Charter school. For the first half of the school year we are going to be hosting a student teacher from Columbia.

    We have never been a host family before. I'm wondering if anyone out there has done something similar? Maybe you have hosted an exchange student or your family did when you were growing up?

    I would love any advice you may have on how to live in harmony with someone that is not necessarily fluent in your native language (my kids are great Spanish speakers. Me? Not so mucho). Any advice that anyone might have for me on being a host family would be greatly appreciated! more thing. I'd like to buy this person a Welcome to Minnesota gift. Any suggestions?
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  • Sounds like an adventure! I've never tried that before, but it seems like a super way to learn the language and the culture! I'll be learning from ya

    Talk to you soon,

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