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  • After establishing two successful marketing consulting practices in different areas of the country, my friend Meghan McCartan and I were inundated with questions from colleagues and peers along the lines of, “How do you do it?” and What direction should I take if I decide to go back to work?” And so we began to examine the topic of how difficult it can be for mothers who desire to earn a living or return to a career to find the resources to do so.

    As a result, in 2007, we launched the Detours and OnRamps Forum, a day-long conference designed exclusively for mothers. The Detours & OnRamps Forum is the place to learn about the companies and institutions that support working mothers and the women who are making their careers work for themselves and their families.

    Our first conference will be held at the Jersey City Hyatt on October 8, 2007 and includes individuals, companies and organizations that are on the cutting-edge of helping women create family-friendly careers, including bestselling authors Janet Bodnar and Carol Fishman Cohen.

    We’re so excited by the topics presented in this conference, and by the opportunity to provide mothers with real resources and true examples of directions to take with regard to creating their own career paths.

    I'd love to get some input and feedback from those of you out there who are "making your career work for you" and also those of who who've hit any stumbling blocks or met resistance from companies when trying to carve out your own career paths.
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