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Need input designing a PT position...

  • In my small company's search to fill a project management position, the managing partner suggested I reach out to moms who have stepped out of the workforce briefly. He said "Let's explore finding someone who'd want to work from 9-2:30 - see what you can do."

    Well, it's a dream opportunity for a mom who wants to try to have the best of both - to get into PT work, get out of FT work, come back to work, etc. I've even received the first referral, and she's a great candidate with sterling resume.

    Now...the challenge. I need to pitch this position to the partners. What criteria would be friendly to workers as well as the company? More than anything, I want this to be a win for both - if we pilot the program and it is successful, we can tap into a great resource for experienced team members. And, ok - full disclosure: selfishly, I want it to work so I can take advantage of it in 3-4 years when my kids go to school.

    How would you suggest I pitch? What kind of benefits are offered for PT workers?

    - 401K?

    - Salary or hourly?

    - M-F or flexible?

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