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  • Feel free to advertise your business here.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lauren126 on 1st September 2007
  • I will start by saying I work from home with a company called Women with Dreams. We are partnered with a health and wellness company that has been around for 12 years. For more information about my business, please visit

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lauren126 on 1st September 2007
  • Hi Everyone,

    I recently started a small company making handmade, personalized bibs, burpies, and blankets for your favorite baby. We have many fonts and fabrics available at [url=][/url].

    Thank you.

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  • Hello! I work at home with an exciting company and I'm going straight to the top. I'm sick of having debt and sick of that tensed up feeling in my shoulders when I pay the bills. Anyone that knows how to work hard and has determination is welcome to come aboard. You can visit my website at
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by shaynas98 on 2nd October 2007
  • Hi!

    I am with a company called SendOutCards. You can send actual greeting cards from your computer. You can create your own cards by uploading photos, or pick from the many cards they have in the card catalog. You personalize your card, you can even type it in your own handwriting and signature, click send and the company prints it off, stuffs it, and mails it out for you with a first class stamp on it....all for less than a store bought card!! These are not E-CARDS...they are actual greeting cards!

    The system reminds you 7 days before a birthday or anniversary so you never have to forget again!! You can even insert gift cards and checks into the cards for the perfect gift!

    I love what I do. I get to help others stay in contact with the people they care about most in their lives both personally and professionally.

    Call me to set up a FREE gift account and I teach you how to send a card then you can go back in and send more cards on your own with a temp. decide if it's something you'll use. It's made my life so much easier!!

    My holiday cards (all 150 of them) are going out all at once after I create one card, I just select the contacts I want them to go to and personalize it, upload my photo and click send....the company will do the rest for me!! As a mom of 4, it's like I have a personal assistant working for me...without the cost of one!


    My hubby and I also have a weight loss/energy product called Zylene that is all natural. We're having great results with it and it's selling out like crazy! It's the first product that I've felt good on and actually lost weight!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine Eisenman on 5th October 2007
  • Hi,

    My names Jennifer, I'm a stay at home mom, married, to a wonderful husband and mom to my 7 yr old son...

    I'm a Candle and Bath Independent Consultant for Scent-Sations Inc located in Wilkes Barre, PA.. I just love my home business because it's easy, I have more time with my family, I can stay at home, I get paid every month a real legitimate check, I can afford to put back my candle kit money back in my pocket, I get a 1099 at the end of the year for taxes, I receive my kit fast by U.P.S.. I have the opportunity to go up to a higher level and make more money... I love the products, they are the best and I'm so addicted and most of all I love helping my referrals make money and making them happy.. You can be a part of a great support team.. I will show you how to be successful. So this is up to you? If this is for you than welcome to my team... If not that's still ok, but your missing out on a great opportunity.. I also want to be your friend and get to know you as a person, not just business partner.. I will make you feel comfortable.. So will you be the next person for me to help make money and be successful?

    The Best Candles Ever Made in The USA!

    Our candles are made of Gourmet Natural Wax scented candles are made using a proprietary formula of Natural and renewable materials from the American farmland.. A combination of vegetables, soy, and bees wax burns cleaner and evenly (no black soot like other candles) If you spill it on the carpet cleans up with hot water and soap.. Also toxice free for your little ones..

    These candles are so strong, I can smell them from miles away from my house.. They smell so good you'll want to eat them!!!!!

    Billlion Dollar Industry

    Our Candles are a Billion Dollar Business! Consumers nationwide as in people around the U.S. are calling Our Gourmet candles the best performing scented candles ever made!

    Why you should join this simple business

    1. The highest retail profit percentages ever offered.

    2. The easiest products to talk about and market... instant recognition..

    3. A Compensation plan developed to produce income without huge quotas, inventory and stress..

    4. A management team who's been in this business for years.. Everything you need to be successful while having fun...

    5. Our products are not tested on animals

    6. Better for the enviroment

    So my question to you is...... Are you ready to join my team?

    7. You Can do this business anyway you want!

    $39.95 Go's Back in your pocket!!!! It's very easy to sell 1 16oz candle, 12 votives, and a bella bar... Sell it and put money in your pocket.. I will help you get people under you and I'll do it for free!!! No joke!!! I've already been giving out free leads that I purchase myself!!

    Give Me A Call If Your Serious!! Leave A Message And I'll Get Back With as soon as I can!!


    Jennifer McClain


    Ruby Distributor
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen on 19th December 2007
  • hi all, I'm a sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics ( and a distributor for Send Out Cards ( Just getting to know my way around this site. Looking forward to chatting!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heatherthemkgal on 10th December 2008
  • I am looking to start my own training business. I am able to train families who are interested in opening a child are company such as child abuse and neglect, also the Pride training relating to foster care, I am willing to travel from new york to florida. Does any one suggest any free website to start advertising.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by leny on 4th January 2009
  • Check out this amazing opportunity selling a fat-burning coffee.

    No one stops drinking coffee in a down economy.

    If you currently hold in-home parties, supplement your business simply by asking your hostess to serve a pot of coffee. Let the guest sip on fat-burning coffee while you show them how to look beautiful, how to cook, or light up the room.



    Need a sample to try, or to hold you over till you get yours, call 402-305-9499 or e-mail us at; we'll send you some or order them online through the above link.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ForTheLoveofCoffee on 30th May 2009
  • I am a Scentsy Consultant, and I love all the amazing wickless candles that we have to offer. There are around 80+- fragrances to choose from. The warmers are just so beautiful and they can complete any room. These products pretty much sell themselves.

    Come check it out. I love this company.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jamey on 21st November 2009

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