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Are You Looking For A Work at Home Job?

  • Let us know if you are seeking a work at home job. Be prepared to hear advice from other work at home moms about company's they work for. This is for people who don't want a home business. Jobs will never have start up costs or ask you to pay them money to start.
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  • I am currently a flight attendant and interested in finding out any information that you may have about a home job opportunity.
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  • Hi,

    My names Jennifer, I'm a stay at home mom, married, to a wonderful husband and mom to my 7 yr old son...

    I'm a Candle and Bath Independent Consultant for Scent-Sations Inc located in Wilkes Barre, PA.. I just love my home business because it's easy, I have more time with my family, I can stay at home, I get paid every month a real legitimate check, I can afford to put back my candle kit money back in my pocket, I get a 1099 at the end of the year for taxes, I receive my kit fast by U.P.S.. I have the opportunity to go up to a higher level and make more money... I love the products, they are the best and I'm so addicted and most of all I love helping my referrals make money and making them happy.. You can be a part of a great support team.. I will show you how to be successful. So this is up to you? If this is for you than welcome to my team... If not that's still ok, but your missing out on a great opportunity.. I also want to be your friend and get to know you as a person, not just business partner.. I will make you feel comfortable.. So will you be the next person for me to help make money and be successful?

    The Best Candles Ever Made in The USA!

    Our candles are made of Gourmet Natural Wax scented candles are made using a proprietary formula of Natural and renewable materials from the American farmland.. A combination of vegetables, soy, and bees wax burns cleaner and evenly (no black soot like other candles) If you spill it on the carpet cleans up with hot water and soap.. Also toxice free for your little ones..

    These candles are so strong, I can smell them from miles away from my house.. They smell so good you'll want to eat them!!!!!

    Billlion Dollar Industry

    Our Candles are a Billion Dollar Business! Consumers nationwide as in people around the U.S. are calling Our Gourmet candles the best performing scented candles ever made!

    Why you should join this simple business

    1. The highest retail profit percentages ever offered.

    2. The easiest products to talk about and market... instant recognition..

    3. A Compensation plan developed to produce income without huge quotas, inventory and stress..

    4. A management team who's been in this business for years.. Everything you need to be successful while having fun...

    5. Our products are not tested on animals

    6. Better for the enviroment

    So my question to you is...... Are you ready to join my team?

    7. You Can do this business anyway you want!

    $39.95 Go's Back in your pocket!!!! It's very easy to sell 1 16oz candle, 12 votives, and a bella bar... Sell it and put money in your pocket.. I will help you get people under you and I'll do it for free!!! No joke!!! I've already been giving out free leads that I purchase myself!!

    Give Me A Call If Your Serious!! Leave A Message And I'll Get Back With as soon as I can!!


    Jennifer McClain


    Ruby Distributor
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  • I would be glad to help you start making money but first I want to start by introducing myself and why I started with this business. I am a stay at home grandmother my husband works fulltime , with the economy we started hitting hard times. I wanted something that didn't cost a lot to get started and didn't want to have to put out any new money. After long exhausting searches, I finally found something that costs nothing to get started and I don't have to put out any new money as a matter of fact they pay me to purchase items that I already purchase anyway and save me money at the same time. We do online enrollments for a wellness company that has close to 400 products that we use in our home everyday and are safer and less expensive than products at Walmart or even the dollar store. So if you want a business that pays us very well to enroll new customers, saves us money, asks for no new money and has all natural products then this is definitely for you. Not to mention all the tax breaks you get for owning a home based business. Call me at 912-292-1143 or visit my website to leave your contact info so I can show you what our paychecks look like, how we get our bonuses and see if this is something you would be interested in. With the economy you couldn't ask for anything more could you?
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon Phyllis Davis
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  • Do you see yourself working from home? I know that for so long I dreamed of being able to be home with my kids. I am a mom of a 3 1/2 yr old little boy and a 1 yr old little girl. I was tired of missing my kids growing up. I wanted to be my own boss and set my own schedule for my life. But most of all I was looking for something I believed in and I found it!I am proud of who I work with and I get to stay home with my kids. We are THE BEST caregivers for our children! Let me share with you the opportunity that has changed our lives:

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  • Join the most powerful group of women on the internet. Working from home has never been easier or more rewarding! No sales, inventory, parties, or monetary exchange. Visit today for more information.
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  • Earn The Income You Need!

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  • Hello! I work for Cultural Care Au Pair. We are currently looking for part time Customer Service & Sales Coordinators. In this role we are looking for individuals interested in promoting cultural exchange and flexible, affordable childcare in many areas through out the Untied States.

    Would you enjoy working with families to help them find creative and flexible childcare solutions and are you looking for flexible work hours from home? You must be self-motivated, sales-driven and professional. Sales and marketing experience and being connected in your community is a plus. You enjoy working with families and young adults, and are you looking for flexible work hours from home. All selected candidates will be invited to participate in an extensive training program.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Providing support to both families and au
    • Planning monthly get-togethers for the au pairs in your area
    • Sales, marketing and business development
    • Screening qualified host families

    The successful candidate must:
    • Enjoy working with people - face to face and online
    • Be computer and internet savvy; engaged in blogging and social media
    • Be able to network in their community to generate new opportunities and spread the word about our program
    • Be able to mediate difficult situations and possess conflict-resolution skills
    • Have excellent communication skills and be interested in promoting cultural exchange
    • Must like to travel - although travel is limited, much of the our incentives are provided in the form of national and international trips

    Perfect for stay-at-home parents or part time employees who are well connected in their community. Must be self-motivated, have a passion for cultural exchange, sales-driven and professional. Opportunities for career growth available. Please email for more information or apply by clicking here!

    Please visit for more information about our program and the coordinator position. There are great links to provide more clarity on the program as well as Cultural Care including our blog, TheBuzz, and a great video series (on going) called Au Pair Answer Mom.
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  • Here is another opportunity for SAHPs to remain flexible while earning some money. The opportunity is to sell & distribute Hershey's chocolates. Purchase 25lb cases at a discount and resell to whomever you'd like, PTO events, fairs, neighbors, the list goes on, and great for holidays too. Visit EBAY and search for Hersheys Miniatures 25lb case. Best wishes all you parents & Good Luck!
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  • Check out this website and see how you can start earning passive income,
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