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A group for the "more experienced" working moms?

  • There are lots of groups here at Work It, Mom, for lots of moms - work-at-home moms, returning-to-work moms, single moms, entrepreneur and freelance moms, "older" moms with young children, and more.

    I was curious about whether there might be an interest in a group for moms (of any age) with older children (I'm thinking age 10 and up). Some of our concerns as working moms are a bit different from those of moms with babies and toddlers. Some of us are going back to work after being home while the kids were younger, and some of us never left. And while I'm pretty sure none of us can claim to have figured it all out, we may have learned some things from experience that we could share to help "newer" moms, as well as each other.

    If you think you might be up for this, please post a reply or send a message through my profile - I wanted to get a sense of whether there was any interest before I actually set the group up. Also, if you have a suggestion for a group name, let me know that too, please. I've thought of things like "Voices of Experience," "Advanced Jugglers," and, despite the implications of age, "Tribal Elders."

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 4th September 2007
  • I would definitely be interested! I have a 10 and 7 year old so I don't relate to the baby, toddler and pre-school topics like I used to!

    I agree that we face different challenges like:

    How old should they be when they are left home alone the first time?


    Are they too young to use the stove?

    OK...those are maybe goofy examples but there is most definitely a completely DIFFERENT dialog between parents of school-agers and the pre-school crowd.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 5th September 2007
  • Mine are 21, 18, and 14 - and they take turns cooking dinner, so we've cleared the stove hurdle... (But I have input on that question, because I've been there, done that! The biggie for me at that age was "when can they go to the park on their own"? I agonized over it. And then was scared to death the first time. Ugh.)

    Parents of older children also face challenges like

    - peer pressure,

    - sexual activity, sexuality,

    - do we have a curfew?

    - how do you monitor homework with a teen who swears he "did it in spare" - but you don't believe it

    - part-time jobs and schoolwork

    - non-communication

    - when do you kick an older child out?

    - abusive relationships

    Heavy going, and quite different than the challenges facing a parent of a toddler or pre-schooler.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 6th September 2007
  • So, yeah, Florinda! Start the group! I'll join!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 6th September 2007
  • Can I come too? I'm in that odd place where I sort of straddle the two spheres--I'm a tween mom AND a preschool mom. The preschool moms talk a lot, but honestly, I've been there/done that. But we somehow stop talking and sharing about our kids when the get older. What's up with that?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kimberly on 6th September 2007
  • Kimberly -

    That's a big part of why I think this sort of group would be a good idea. I think that as kids get older, there aren't nearly as many specific, measurable milestones to talk about with other parents, and that may be one reason the talk stops. But as KathyHowe and MaryP both mention, there are plenty of new concerns that arise with older children, and how we handle our "juggle" can change in response to those concerns.

    So yes, you would definitely be welcome! I also think having been there/done that makes us valuable to the "newer" moms - if nothing else, we're living proof that we can all get through this.

    I think this is a "go." I'll get the group established soon.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 6th September 2007
  • The group officially exists! If this is you, please join!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 6th September 2007
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  • Sounds great!

    I have a blended family with kids ages 22, 14 , 13 , 10 and 9....the 22 year old lives on her own...but I balance my busy working moms coaching business with several schedules, as all the kids are not always here at the same time together.....and when school is in session I make 5 lunches before going to bed..... I could go on and on...but most definitely from my experience and working with clients who have older children...there is a different need for a different kind of support for THESE moms!

    Thanks Florinda! ~ Mona
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Busy Mom Mentor on 18th July 2013

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