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  • I am an attorney w/ 3 daughters (13, 10, 6) who started out as a Boston trial attorney, but for several years now I have had my own practice as a legal researcher/writer/consultant -- I work from home doing research, writing and consulting for/with other lawyers -- I have never had to advertise or look for work, but my main sources of work (small small firms and sole practitioners) are all on the verge of and/or nearing retirement. In looking ahead, I have no idea how to market myself and get new work! I have easily relied on my existing sources, but know that they are not long for this world at this point. Unfortunatley, despite my years of experience and master level research/writing/consulting skills, law firms are the last bastion of "old world" style -- they are historically against hiring an attorney, even as an independent contractor, who works from home 100% and has no office "face" time. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  • hmm maybe you can just avoid the 'work from home' and tell them instead you are 'customer focused' and will always 'come to them' if they need face time? OR try to to market yourself to those who are not local to you that would not really travel for 'face time' and would be more comfortable with working with you virtually?

    also i would ask your current network for references and recommendations - they have to also have a network of folks that could benifit from your resources!

    good luck!!! and let us know how it works out!
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