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Hi Ladies!

  • Hi girls!

    I am a Boston Globe subscriber and when I read the article this weekend I *knew* I had to come see what this is all about. I work part time as an architect at home and in Lawrence, MA, and am mom to a 4 year old boy and a 1 year (almost two actually) old girl. They are the reason to get up in the morning, even if it's 5:45 am. ;o)

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  • Hello and welcome! I live in PA and I am the mother of 4 (14,11,8,1) perfect children . I run a website for moms who want to and do work at home. I think you'll find that this is a great online community with some pretty incredible women!
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  • Hi - I also read the Boston Globe article and decided to join in. I have a 6 month old and I work full time. It has been so busy being back to work, being a mom and a wife! I don't know how people do it with more than 1 child! I look forward to learning tips from the boards!
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  • Hey, Gals! I read the same article and had to check it out, too. Darn paper is still sitting next to my "paper reading spot" because I haven't had a chance to finish it. I have my own business and am currently the full time caretaker of my two girls, almost 3 and 16 months ( a planned 18 months apart). I'm going insane! OK, not really, but sometimes I have to say it so I can move on. I do have a wonderful hubby who takes care of so much more than I can so I'm lucky. Really glad to find this site so I can get tips on how to keep my wits and work my company for all it's worth. Welcome to all of us newbies in September! WARNING - I've only been here since the 9th and I can't stop reading through everything.
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  • Welcome to all of you!

    This is a great place to be if you are looking for solid advice, a few giggles and ideas that will inspire and motivate you. The women here are supportive, wise and best of all WILDLY funny!

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