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How do you juggle nursing/pumping and work?

  • I work from home (on quite a part time basis) and so I don't have much need to pump. However, I do have a rather needy baby (whose baby isn't needy?) who likes to nurse all the I end up nursing with the baby sling on, or I just type with one hand, or take a break. Does anyone have any other tricks or tips?

    And just out of curiosity...for those of you who work outside the home, how do you pump while at work?
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  • With my first child, I had to pump 3x a day (12 hour days) for a while in someone else's office, since mine was in the corner of the conference room. Fun, huh? Finally, I got my own office, and that was nice b/c I could pump in there with the door closed between patients. I was doing research, so I scheduled my own day, and I did it around pumping.

    Now, I just squeeze it in when I have a minute. My office isn't terribly busy, so I can usually do it. Problem is, pumping is not my favorite thing, so I forget sometimes.
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  • Unfortunately, I had to start pumping early; Squiggles had a bad bout with jaundice when he was born and spent a night under the billi lights. I couldn't take him out to feed him, so I would go off and pump when it was time to feed him. I had to continue to do this at every feeding for the next couple of weeks until he got the hang of nursing. The pumping in those early days really helped my milk come in while we were both learning what to do.

    Nowadays, I generally only have to pump in the morning (thankfully). I feed Squiggles before I leave for work, then my mom or mom-in-law calls me when he has his morning bottle. Our office building is older, so everyone has an office! This means I just have to shut my blinds and my door (I do put a chair against it since the lock doesn't work) and I can pump away! Everyone at my office knows what I'm doing, so they don't try to interrupt. I've even gotten comfortable enough with it that I can check some of my must-read blogs while I'm pumping and just zone out for a while. Then I go home for lunch for Squiggles and me, and I'm usually home for the day by the time he's ready for his evening feeding.
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  • corinneyb,

    First off welcome to the group! I had to pump a lot in the beginning too...such a pain when you're trying to recover from the birth....having to take the time to pump and then take the time to feed the baby.

    To both of you guys, it's so awesome that you are able to pump at work. A friend of mine has to go out to her car to pump...yuck.
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  • i work full time outside the home, so i pump at work. thankfully i got my own office when i returned from my maternity leave, before that i was sharing an office. i genreally pump twice a day (i try to do this when he takes he bottles so i stay on his schedule) and go home for lunch to feed my son. which is funny because he gets to eat on my lunch break, but i rarely do. anyhow, i do notice that when i am around he wants to nurse more often. so i'm sure if i was at home with him he'd eat more often that he takes his bottles. i found a life saver for pumping on the la leche league website. it's a hands-free pumping bra. the bra actually holds the pump in place so i can still work while i'm pumping. this is a dream for me because i'm always so busy and this allows me to continue working and pump at the same time!
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  • I work full time outside of the home and with all three of mine i nursed (or will have since the youngest is 11 months) for about a year. Since i work nights it was easy to keep the nursing up during the day and then while at work we have private bathrooms with locks that i will use to pump in. With all of mine, their interest in nursing wane at about 6 months and while they all stayed on breastmilk until a year, i had to pump to continue to provide it. After the first one it was a little bit of a challenge to find time during the day and not be stressed about it so that my milk would let down. With the third one i am old hand at it, i guess and find it isn't hard to pump several times during the day and twice at night while at work.
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