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Can we talk about shoes?

  • I'd love some ideas for comfortable but stylish shoes for everyday for the fall. I used to live in NYC and work in a fancy office - I had great shoes with totally impractical high heels. But now I am in the suburbs of Boston and I run in and out of the house all day long - I'd love to have something that works with jeans and pants, and something that is stylish but comfortable.

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  • I think this is a question for Susan Wagner. . But since she's not here...When cool weather comes around, I'm very partial to boots - mid-calf height, give or take, with 2-3 inch, solid heels (no stilettos!). As long as the pants aren't too tapered down the leg, they usually fit well over boots. (I also like Western boots, but you have to be careful of those with jeans, or it looks like a cowgirl costume.) I'd go with leather over suede or fabric - easier to care for. And no Uggs!
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  • I am no help because I live in Los Angeles and we wear flip-flops year round.

    I think boots are great, or driving mocs while the weather is good.
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  • Thanks, Florinda - I like boots as well!

    Kian - you are so lucky! I wish I could live somewhere where it's warm all the time....
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  • Hi Nataly,

    I'm in sunny San Diego and in flip flops , but some great shoes I've discovered are kind of trendy with the young folks, they are a cross between a ballet shoe (very flat), a rockclimbing shoe and tennis shoes. I got mine at Payless, because I usually trash my shoes going to the beach. But you can get the expensive ones if you wish to treat them nice. Very comfortable, suitable for anything casual.

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  • You know, the ballet flat thing is SO BIG right now; you can go with almost ANY flat shoe these days and get away with it if it has a round toe and a little embellishment.

    If you look at my today's picture, I'm wearing a pair of eel skin loafers. I'm wearing them with cargo pants today (cuz I am fancy) but because they are so SHINY (eels are apparently shiny) I can easily pair them with dress pants as well as with jeans, and they give a bit of flair even though they're, well, loafers.

    Also, if you want a heel, wedges are still very popular and much easier on your foot. (I'm wearing a mary jane wedge in yesterday's photo; same principal of a shoe that can go with jeans or something nicer.)

    I also second the vote for boots for winter. Something with a 2" or so heel will be very versatile.

    (I only have about 4 shirts but I have 30 pairs of shoes. I luuuurve talking shoes.)

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  • oooh, wedges - I have a pair of boots that are wedges and they are so comfortable - that is a great idea, Mir, I am taking myself over to right now! (Well, that is a lie, right now I have to you, work, and then pick up my daughter, and then be a good mommy, and then make dinner, and then be a good wife, but THEN I am going over to endless!)
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  • ok i LOVE THESE SHOEs! &TLC=Womens&SLC=WomensStory&BLC=WomensPromoBows&Wi dth=Regular&ItemCode=58837&LotNumber=058498&Type=A dult&Popularity=290&DescriptiveColor=Brown

    The link is horrible - basically they are from payless, they are adoreable brown plaid with a pattent bow/edging. but the really cool part is they have a tiny wedge - so it's like wearing a 'flat' but oh so much more comfy!!! plus even though they are the kinds that are supposed to go with out socks/etc. they totally work with dark brown socks/stockings.

    other than that - i agree with the short boots - if you can find them with rubber heals instead of wood, the comfort factor goes through the roof. also the trick i use is wear super heavy (even atheltic!) socks in the boots! They are warmer and much more comfortable! and no one can tell ;)
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  • Kate's heavy-socks thing works for me, too - especially since I have small feet (size 5, barely) and sometimes there's a little extra space in the boots. The socks provide extra cushioning, too. And I also agree about the rubber heels, as long as they're faked pretty well so they don't look like it - most of my boots have them.

    I'm in LA and almost never wear flip-flops. It's supposed to rain and get cooler today, so I've got some boots on - yay!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 21st September 2007
  • Ack. Shoes. I was a size ten before I had my daughter, now I am a size 11. Finding shoes is very difficult. Where I live (Turkey) shoes stop at size 41-42 (like a 9.5 or a ten) and they look at me like I am insane to ask for a shoe my size.

    When I go home to Oregon, there are no size elevens except at WalMart :P. I have to go two hours to Portland, which is difficult since I do not have a car. Online ordering is difficult because they might not fit and I don't have time to exchange them. And then if I do find shoes somehow, it is summer, and as soon as the weather gets cold I am i the same place again.

    Fashion starts at the foot. I used to be very interested in fashion, but it has become such a sour area for me because of the da*n shoes.
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