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Was your mom a working mom?

  • As I try to handle the many demands of being a working mom, I often find myself wondering what it must have been like for my mom. Did she feel guilty leaving us in the care of others? Was she grateful to get away from us? Did she feel guilty about that? Why did she choose to work? Did she regret her choices? How did she manage it all?

    I love sharing the emotional pitfalls of being a working mom with other moms. Even if it's only for the reassurance of not being alone. I just wish I could share this experience with the one person I feel, or at least romanticize, would help me understand it all the best, my mom.
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  • My mom didn't have a choice but to work. We were poor. My parents did the split day thing. Mom worked evenings or nights at a hospital while Dad worked during the day. We were only "alone" for a few hours after school until Dad came home.

    While it's hard for my husband & I to balance our lives, I'm grateful that we get to spend way more time together (even if I'm online 1/2 the time!) compared to my parents.

    I also wish I could share it with my mom. Every day.
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  • Do I qualify as a Motherless Mom if my mother is so "toxic" that I finally had to let her go so I would stop having anxiety attacks? I love her but I couldn't continue to allow her to upset me anymore.

    Now I am having to deal with not having a mother to help me with all the things adult women need thier moms for...a friend.
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  • Zephra...yes, I think you qualify. In my eyes you do. Many hugs to you for taking that brave step! While I wish I had my mom every single day, I have friends who have toxic mothers and understand their need to distance themselves.
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