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How do you get motivated to cook after a long day at work?

  • I'm so tired after working that it's really hard to get myself going in the kitchen. How do you do it?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 21st September 2007
  • We try to plan a flexible menu for the week. I know that it's much easier to plan a few very simple meals and only one or two that are labor intensive. That way I can do the labor intensive meals on the nights when I have the energy and save the easy ones for nights when I'm exhausted...and there is always take out when I'm feeling super tired.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 21st September 2007
  • i microwave. yup, really. the uncle bens whole grain brown rice in the microwave puch for 90 seconds plus some sorta sauce (butter, soy, cheese, etc.), microwave veggies WALA! dinner in about 10 min.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 21st September 2007
  • Some nights all it takes is a 15 minute break either watching the news or surfing sites I like. Then if that doesn't refresh me enough to tackle dinner, I grab one of the "simple" dinners I plan during the week.

    It can be as easy as boiling 3 cheese pasta, adding tomato sauce, and heating up a veggie, or I something I can mix up and throw in the oven quick.

    If I'm really in "My office day kicked my butt" mode, there is always frozen pancakes or mac and cheese. LOL
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kellyandie on 22nd September 2007
  • My work hours vary - I work some nights, weekends etc. When I have time to cook I try to make extra and freeze meals. That way I always have meals in my freezer. If you are tired after a long day you can defrost, heat, and eat. It is a great feeling to have those meals as back ups. You may have to do some extra cooking on a weekend, but then you can relax more during the week.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine on 9th October 2007
  • Like Christine we also keep easy to heat up meals in the freezer...but they aren't things that we have pre-made. I'm definitely not that organized (although someday I hope to be). We buy a few things that we love and keep them in the freezer. We get these really great margarita pizzas and spring rolls...these are super easy to just pop in the oven. Sometimes I'll steam a veggie too, but I'll admit sometimes we just bake and eat.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 10th October 2007
  • mamajama,

    It is ok to just bake and eat. I have to admit that sometimes (like this past Sunday night) I just ordered a pizza.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine on 10th October 2007
  • Well guys I make all from investment rice cooker 20 minutes and you can steam veggies in it also. Crock Pot...........I make a big pot of soup and freeze them for those times I don't have time. I make several lasagne and freeze it. I have to cook healthy because of my moms health issues. I may not feel like it or may not want to but I have too. I love taste of home mags, rachael ray they give quick and easy great tasting recipes. If yolu are looking for something in particular let me know and I can find quick and easy ones for you. And best of all my mom was a cook and catered all my life so my stuff has to taste good or she lets me know it!lololol
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 16th November 2007
  • During the cold winter months I love hearty stews and soups and pot roasts -- all things that are easy to make in bulk and freeze well. Thank goodness! I make nearly everything from scratch, too (gluten allergies and intolerances for my oldest three kids, and a casein intolerance in our oldest boy, so I even make their bread), and some days the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is deal with dinner. My dinner of last resort: Rice pasta, homemade sauce (thawed from the freezer), italian sausage (thawed from the freezer, taken out of its casings, and sauteed with onion before getting dumped into the sauce). The whole thing goes from pantry/freezer to table in less than 20 minutes.
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  • My motivation? A glass of wine.
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