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Change is good?

  • How do you decide it is 'time' to move on to a new company?
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  • I think there are a few things to think about:

    - Are you getting bored with what you're doing?

    - Are you concerned about whether the company's going to be around much longer, and want to get out while you still have some choice in the matter?

    - Are your social relationships at work going downhill (most of your friends have left already)?

    - Do you have an idea of what you consider the "right" amount of time to stay at any one job - say, 3-5 years - regardless of how well it's going, and are you at that mark?

    - Do you have issues with the organizational culture?

    - Have you hit the limits of how far you can - or want to - move up in the company?

    One thing I think is important is to be in a fairly healthy frame of mind when contemplating, and moving forward with, a job change. Be pretty certain about why you want to make it, because you'll be asked. Also, be aware that feelings like anger and depression - whether job-related or not - will come across in interviews, and keep you from making the best presentation. (That last point is the voice of experience talking.)
  • to be honest, i love the company/culture/friends where i am now. basically i hate the commute. it's at LEAST one hour each way (sometimes 2 hours to get home!) and i am really tired of my hubby whimpering and whinning that i am not home as soon as he is.

    he works 5 minutes from home and leaves every day at 4:30.

    is it enough of a reason? plus, i work for a HUGE company, there seems to be lots of room to move up, but no one leaves so it takes FOREVER... should i wait it out?
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  • I totally feel you on the commute thing - mine's about the same, time-wise, and it's probably the biggest reason I'd consider a job change at this point myself. Have you done at least casual checking around to see whether you can find similar opportunities closer to home? Or would you consider a bigger change in what you actually do, not just the workplace? (Since the answers to those questions are currently "yes" and "no, not really" for me, I'm living with the commute for the foreseeable future.)

    I'm probably out of line here, but I have to ask - is it the commute itself that's the issue, or your husband's attitude about it? I bitch about my commute often, but sometimes it's really good to have that built-in home/work/home delay as a time to regroup and transition.

    Having said all that, wanting to shorten your commute is a totally valid reason for a job change, and if you live in a commuter-heavy area, employers generally understand it, even if the job you're leaving is actually pretty good (this one sounds like it is).

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