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  • I wanted to create this group to provide additional support to those of us who are expecting a child. I'm expecting my first child and up until recently it's been pretty good. I would say i had an easy pregnancy and the only weight i've gained is in my belly..... However, a few days ago - I started feeling very tired and unmotivated (which is very unlike me)..... It's a challenge just to get going in the morning....A simple thing, like getting a haircut, is a drag.... (mental note - accomplishment for the day to put on my notes section - I got my haircut today!). So please share with us how your pregnancy has been coming along, what decisions have you been faced with, what helped you to snap out of "tired" stage.....what advice you have for rookies like me!
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  • I'm glad you started this group, Victoria! I am pregnant with my second child but can always use some extra support! It sounds like you're doing great -- lucky you! I have had a(nother) easy pregnancy as well, but like you, am TIRED all the time. It's hard to snap out of it, I think. Doing yoga helps me tremendously, although I haven't been as good about that this time around. Anxious to talk more with ya! How far along? I'm 18.5 weeks.
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  • Hi Lee - thanks for your note! I'm 32 weeks! I've managed to stay pretty active throughout my pregnancy. I do yoga and i also work out pretty much every day - just basic cardio and a little bit of weights. I've always worked out - so it wasn't such a big deal to stay with it during pregnancy. BUT - I get pretty tired these days! I'm also slightly anemic so i take iron supplement - this german liquid - not bad actually ....

    On Wed I went on the hospital tour to check out what to expect, etc... this is my first child - definitely not an easy thing to absorb... I actually posted Q&A on the site to ask our members what to look for during my visit - I got same great feedback - it was super helpful!!! I saved it in this group as a reference in the blue box below "FINDS".

    Look forward to hearing more from you and other members. Let's open this up and feel free to ask each other questions, get advice from those with a lot of experience, etc
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  • Hello,

    I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first child (due in March). I walk 40 minutes a day, and am trying to get back into yoga, though I loved vinyasa and am searching for something between prenatal and the rigorousness of Vinyasa. Any ideas?

    I am also thinking about natural childbirth and specifically the Bradley method. Anyone had a good experience with this method? Words of wisdom from repeat moms?
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  • I am about 24 weeks pregnant with my first - due at the end of January. I found that in the first several weeks I was really, really energetic; but that waned pretty quickly with the onset of morning sickness. Fortunately, I'm out of the wood with the nausea and am now just dealing with a whole variety of back pain . . . yuck. Still, I'll take it over the morning sickness any day!

    In response to Darcy - I am taking Bradley Method classes right now. Ours are once a week for twelve weeks. I would definitely say that I'm getting a lot out of it, although my husband and I take some of the information with a grain of salt. I'm all for natural childbirth, but some of the stuff you hear in the classes can be a little over-the-top. The great news is that three weeks ago I was really doubting my ability to do a natural birth, and now I'm feeling more and more confident about it.

    (Also, my cousin did the Bradley Method and just raves about how incredible it was.)
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  • I had a new recent development - my feet are starting to swell!!! That's a real problem - as we are migrating to new shoe season - i'm having trouble getting into my shoes!!! So depressing.... Is there anything i can do to reduce the swelling??? Anybody????
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  • Victoria-regarding the foot swelling thing...I too had that problem in my ninth month. My doctor told me to drink a lot of water and to lay on my left side with my feet up as much as possible. It helped only a tiny bit for me. I pretty much wore flip flops in March, April and May. People thought I was crazy until they saw my elephant feet! The good news is you sweat all of that extra fluid out of your body soon after delivery
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  • Thanks Melissa,

    I hope you are right about sweating it out post delivery. I've been wearing a lot my flip flops as well, but as we approach November - i don't know if i can continue doing that

    I might have to invest into a bigger pair of boots, which I really didn't want to do!
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