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Bad behavior

  • The other day, I was out with some family members at a restaurant. Of course baby had to nurse right in the middle of the meal. I sat in the most secluded spot and possible and made sure that I was fully covered. A woman a couple tables over kept looking my direction. Since babies tend to attract a lot of attention I didn't think anything of it and I smiled at her. She immediately frowned, turned her head the other direction, and whispered something to her rude! Anybody else relate?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 27th September 2007
  • Ugh! I'm sorry that you had to be in the same place with that woman! Even if she never breastfed her children, heck, even if she never had children in the first place, I think she exhibited some rude behavior. I think this could go along with the discussion around WIM about women knocking each other down.

    I was nervous to feed Squiggles in public the first few times I did it, which wasn't until he was over 2 months old. Before that, neither of us were good enough at it to try doing it in public! I had a similar experience in a McDonalds of all places. I was fully covered, too, but this woman just kept staring at me with this subtly horrified look on her face. I just stared right back with a big smile plastered on my face as if to say, "I'm feeding my child. What are you going to do about it?"

    The only hiccup to our public feedings is that Squiggles is very much an 'open air' nurser: he doesn't really like to be covered with the blanket, and he swings his free arm around the whole time he's nursing (whether we're in public or not!). It's very cute at home, but when I'm trying to keep us covered, it's led to some near-nipple exposures!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by corinneyb on 16th October 2007
  • the near nipple exposures! I can definitely relate to the open air nurser thing. This past weekend we were at a restaurant, and I got that gotta nurse feeling. So I covered up and was trying to get babyjama to go for it, but she just wouldn't go for it with a blanket covering her...She got a little snack in, but had to wait till we left to get a real dinner.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 17th October 2007
  • Sawyer won't eat under cover. It freaks him out! I had to take him to the lab to get his bilirubin checked when he was 3 days old. Of course, he got hungry, and I had to feed him. The woman across the aisle from me stared the whole time I tried to get him latched on. No nasty looks, just weird staring that creeped me out.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kristie McNealy on 2nd February 2008
  • L. was totally an open-air nurser -- if you tried to cover her up, she'd pull the covering up and flap it around like she (and my breast) were playing peek-a-boo with the world...

    I'd get stares sometimes if we breastfed in public, no matter how discreet I was or how covered I was, but it didn't bother me much, probably because my older kids were staring at me at home until they got used to seeing L. latch on. I remember G., who was 6 at the time, would stand right next to me and watch for ages... kind of made me used to it!
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