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Tips on how to raise a bi-lingual child?

  • My husband and I speak English to each other and I also speak russian. I'd love for our child to speak both languages. What are the best techniques to teach a child to be bilingual?
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  • My son speaks English, Spanish and is now learning some Russian! I found that just letting them learn at their own pace is good. Getting books in both languages and speaking to them in both. I don't really speak Spanish that well but my son is fluent because my husband speaks to him in both languages. He is now learning Russian because he has a new little boy in his class that speaks very little English and they are teaching each other the languages.

    So I think the best thing is to speak to your child in both languages and buy some books that are in both languages and read with him. He will pick it up very quickly!
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  • I live in Guatemala and my husband is Guatemalan. What we found worked best is to separate the languages. My husband speaks Spanish to our sons, I speak English to them and we speak Spanish to each other (my husband isnĀ“t fluent in English). Also, to help boost the English, we bought some DVDs of Hi5 and my toddlers favorite movies in English. He speaks and understands both languages without any problem and my 10 month old is already speaking words from both as well.
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