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  • Imagine you weren't able to earn enough income to feed your family. Or what if you weren't allowed to open a bank account or own property? For millions of women around the world, these nightmares are a reality.

    Even though women do a significant portion of the world's work and, in many places, produce the majority of the food supply, they face unequal barriers to success - such as lack of access to education, fair wages, and credit. These barriers prevent many women from lifting their themselves and their families - and by extension, their communities and countries - out of poverty.

    It's time we give women in developing countries the opportunities they need to escape poverty. The GROWTH Act is a groundbreaking bill, now before Congress, that would make the U.S. a leader in promoting economic opportunities for women worldwide. By making U.S. foreign assistance and aid programs more responsive to women in developing countries, the GROWTH Act will help empower millions of women to build a better future for themselves and their children - and help end global poverty.

    The GROWTH Act would shape US assistance and trade policy to empower women in these areas:

    Small Business: Help poor women start and grow their own businesses

    Property Rights: Help increase women's land and property rights

    Wages and Working Conditions: Help improve women’s wages and working conditions by emphasizing training and education

    Access to Global Trade: Ensure that increased trade benefits women and families living in poverty.

    Local Women’s Organizations: Encourage U.S. agencies to recognize women and to work with local organizations that focus on women's needs.

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