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What I need to work on...

  • I thought maybe if I wrote this out and shared it I would be more likely to actually work on it. My house is a wreck ALL the time and it's driving me nuts! We moved into this house 2 weeks before we had our daughter, and so we had a lot of help unpacking...meaning that I don't know where anything is. Compounding that problem is that we never got fully unpacked. I feel like I'm constantly shuffling stuff from one side of the house to the other. I think what we need to do is get rid of a bunch of stuff. We have way more books than we can actually handle, but most (about 85 percent) belong to my husband. And I can't seem to part with any mementos. Just thought I would put this out there. What do you need to work on?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 2nd October 2007
  • great idea!! i need to work on keeping my house clean and keeping the clutter and crap to a minimum. my husband tends to hang on to EVERYTHING, but not because he actually wants it, he doesnt care if *i* throw it away LOL! maybe he has a fear of trashcans? i dont konw... but i want to get into a routine of cleaning so it's not such a pain. since my son is 15 months and able to 'help' i want him to get used to the idea of putting things away and cleaning up after himself. so on the weekends we are up early (because he is!) and we pick up, dust, vaccuum, etc. he LOVES to help and i am hoping i can inspire some hidden neat freak gene! plus then hubby gets to sleep in an extra hour or so before we go wake him up to show him all we did! (he would love 12 hours a night, but he can keep dreaming HA!)
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  • That cracks me up "if *i* throw it away". I deal with that too. It seems like he just doesn't want to have to make a decision about anything...not even a scrap of paper. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?
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  • I need to work on not working past a certain hour at night. The computer is in the study, right next to our bedroom, and it's like a big magnet always drawing me in - fist thing in the am, last thing before bed. But I think working on it so late is ruining my sleep and causing tons more stress and anxiety - so I need to work on setting up a different daily schedule to have the last hour of the night as computer free!
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  • I'm with you on that one Nataly. Lately I will do some work online, and then I'll try and unwind surf for a bit...big mistake. The web seems to get my mental juices going and before I know it I'm trying to organize my kitchen at one in the morning.

    I'm happy to report that I seem to have made some progress in getting my house more neat and tidy and organized. The front of the house has become much more organized (living room, dining room, kitchen). I still haven't gotten to work on the bedrooms, office, bathroom, or closets, but I'm feeling like it's a much less daunting task now. Hope you ladies are doing well on your goals too.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 10th October 2007
  • You know, my parents still haven't fully unpacked their master bedroom. They moved into the house in 1974...

    Some days, I feel like I'm heading down that same path!

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  • hi, i'm new here. i have a great structure but i'm not great at following it all the time. the thing that keeps me going is to keep going back to it and try to improve where i left off. and- not to beat myself up over neglecting the issues my children are my priority. my MIL is right in saying "the house doesn't care"!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa on 11th October 2007
  • Melissa that's awesome that your mother in law says that. I wish mine would. When I was in the hospital after having my baby she volunteered to clean my house for me. I reluctantly agreed. She then went on to make a comment about how she was horrified about the state of the house. Hello I went into labor...I wasn't about to clean up the smoothie dishes. No wonder I'm so freaked about her coming to visit this weekend.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 12th October 2007
  • mamajama, my MIL is the same way. I was sick once and she came to "help". She just kept saying how terrible my house was until I got up and started cleaning!

    At the moment, we live in just two rooms, one is for the boys and the other is our master bedroom/living space while we build the main room. It is really hard to have an entire household worth of junk stuffed into one small room and I often get frustrated. It´s like we are in a suspended state . . . always saying, "When the house is done, we´ll get organized."

    I´m not convinced that will help, though. My mom always complained that she didn´t have enough space for everything. I come from a long line of pack rats, so maybe it´s inevitable!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 15th October 2007
  • Man! Genesis, I feel your pain! I don't understand how women who have been through the same experiences as you (MILs are mothers too) can be so hard on someone who is trying their best. Good luck with your house!
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