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How to deal with the company!

  • Do any of you contract out to another company?

    I am having issues with a major lack of communication, and subsequently work from my computer design company and am a bit of a coward when it comes to confrontation.

    Any suggestions? either how to have a good quality confrontation or how to get brave enough to start making my abilities work for myself!
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  • I've been know to have a friend ghostwrite my business emails upon occasion. Without the emotional investment and fear of being perceived as "Not Nice" the message comes through loud and clear in a professional voice.

    It may be the coward's way out, but it works
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  • I took a seminar last year - Crucial Conversations- and it taught employees how to handle scenarios like yours.. Look it up online (by Vital Smarts).

    The main point I learned was to always have a stated purpose for any conversation or communication....(email is terrible for a true conversation - it only serves to deliver a message). If email is your only method, I'd suggest stating just the facts and asking for what you want based on those facts...

    Remember - you never get what you never ask for......
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  • Thanks guys

    I have got to the point where I am in "ignore them" mode. The company hasn't offered me any new work for months now and I am fairly certain that they don't intend to send anymore my way.

    Its a little aggravating because I worked my backside off for them and always got good feedback about the projects I was doing, however the guy in charge seems to be a little vague at the best of times and was not reliable at all.

    Right now I am waiting for Q to be born and then once its all settled down I will use my existing skills and go find myself something along the same lines as a freelance.
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  • We had the same thing happen when we owned a corporation.... BUT... you have to believe in yourself and have the posture to sell yourself and your business to others....

    Dress in a powersuit for your meetings and that will help BUILD posture!!!

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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