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How do you choose baby furniture?

  • What are the important things to consider when picking out a crib? dresser? changing table? Do you really need a separate changing table? Any particular stores you would recommend for this stuff?
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  • We live in the Philadelphia area and there are a lot of "baby superstores" around. We went with my in laws to pick out furniture and although they said it would take 8-10 weeks it took much longer. I would order soon if you want the furniture to arrive before the baby does. The in laws were great b/c they picked up the tab!

    When we selected our furniture we basically went with what would fit in the baby's room. We got a crib which converts to a toddler bed and later a twin bed; a dresser with 4 drawers for under the window; and a larger dresser which has a space for a changing pad but can later convert into a shelf area for books or knick knacks. It also has a big drawer for diapers and wipes but I'm sure toys or sweaters/thicker clothes can go there when one day we no longer need diapers.

    I ended up getting a cheap glider from Target and a cheap bookshelf from IKEA later on.

    BTW, our furniture is "Baby's Dream" which they advertise in a lot of baby/parenting magazines. It was nicer than most of the stuff they carry at chain stores like Babies R' Us.
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