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Have you ever done NaNoWriMo before? How did you find time to write?

  • I did it successfully a few years ago. Wow, I think it was three years ago now! I wrote in my office at work. Hmmm... no longer work there, either. I also went to a conference and had several days to myself in a hotel room, and I took full advantage of the time and got tons of work done at the conference.

    I don't really have a plan for how I will find time to write in November. I know that I am not a morning person, though, so this may have to be a late night venture.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 5th October 2007
  • Nope - but my sanity is already in question so why not really go crazy.

    When my husband wants to know why I did this I'm totally blaming Jen ;)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by CursingMama on 5th October 2007
  • Don't do that, CursingMama: He totally knows what I look like!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 5th October 2007
  • Year before last. I just SAILED through it. I think I was done five days early. How did I manage that? Set myself a goal: 2,000 words by 9 a.m. Good thing I'm a morning person!! Could I do that again this year? I dont know. I have a lot more on these days, and I still start my day between 5 and 6. Urgh.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 5th October 2007
  • How is it that I did not know this about you, Mary P., and that I have never been invited to read said novel????

    That is a lovely picture of you by the way. You look like you are having a wonderful time.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 6th October 2007
  • ok i have never done this so i am completely clueless. once in college i wrote an outline. that's as far as i got! maybe i can dig that up and use that to start LOL
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 9th October 2007
  • Kate, you are allowed to start with an outline before November.

    I actually have a friend IRL who signed up to do this with me. We are going to get together on Wednesdays and write.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 9th October 2007
  • I did it last year, and finished, which was a relief because I hadn't planned very well, and discovered halfway through that my story didn't have a middle - I think it helps if they do. Luckily, I had set myself a target of 2000 words a day so I did have the luxury of some time to get everything back on track.

    I broke the writing up into two daily sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, and it was quite do-able. The tricky thing was not going back to edit and rewrite, I had this urge to do that.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 10th October 2007
  • I have diahrrea of the keyboard so I am not too worried about being able to meet a daily quota. It's writing fiction that will be a challenge. I took a short story writing class at university and did well, and wrote fiction constantly as a teen, but it's been more than twenty years...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KatieK on 10th October 2007
  • KatieK: It's a lot like riding a bike. I think you will pick it up again extremely easily.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 10th October 2007

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