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What do you all do?

  • I Make Friends Who Are WAHMs For A Living At My Network CHAMBOURIN.COM> Come Make Friends, Share Resources And Laugh About The Sweet Things In Life - Our Babies!
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  • Hi guys!

    I love this! You all do so many interesting things! I work part-time from home as well. I work with a wellness company who manufactures their own products to save us time and money (cuz they're delivered to me!). Just getting the chemicals out of my home has made such a TREMENDOUS difference in our health and the frequency of our doctor visits!

    So basically I set up accounts and people do their shopping directly from the company so I don't have ANY selling to do! It's wonderful! I earn a residual income AND I get to help other moms stay home with their kids.

    You can check out my site at:
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  • I own a company I employ about 80 moms to do various projects for a list of companies that I have acquired over the years. They like to use us because we are nice, we are professional, we do a good job and we are cost effective- no payroll taxes, no overhead, no benefits. I have a lot of fun with my moms. We have a really great blog that we do on the site which is just for fun and to help moms but we have 4000 readers so that is really fun. I just joined so I am really excited to meet everyone and hear what they are doing...xoxo
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  • I am the mother of 6....1 at home(whoowhoo she is starting preschool in August..4 hours a day to get things done uninterupted!)1 going to kindergarden,1 -4th grader in special education, 2 home schooled kids,12,17 and the last one is in school in Floridia.We eat dinner together at least 4x week..Im so what of a freak about it.

    I work p/t at my office seeing clients helping them stop smoking, weight loss, natural childbirth, stress reduction and more with hypnosis. I also lead small group classes

    Then I work p/t on my websites..... a local holistic living resource guide and compannion business network that I am the director of.And creating new recording and running the egroup for a stress reduction and habit transformation program for stressed out overwhelmed mothers.

    I also devote about 3 hours a week to my husbands tree trimming buiness...I love marketing!

    In m,y spare time I attend weekly belly dancing classes and attend a monthly womens circle

    I have been so blessed to able to created a work schedule that works around my kids and family rather then the other way around

    I could type lots more but my gf just called and want to go for a walk so I off I go to find my tennis shoes
  • Hello! I am a mom of 7 who is getting used to the fact that they are all growing up. My oldest just started at basic training for the Army. My kids are 18 years - 2 years. I love, love being a mom. We are a very active family, always on the go or working at home, we have more than our share of animals!

    Last year I started a website I am still learning as I go. Please check it out and let me know what you think, don't hold back, as I said I really have no idea what I'm doing!

    I really enjoy Work It Mom, I have been able to meet and network with some really incredible moms! I look forward to meeting more!
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  • Hi all - this IS a cool thread. I am not a WAH mom, but close to it - I work in my husband's overhead door business (10th of a mile from home) in addtion to managing a couple of our own rental properties and am knee deep in starting a campground on our 50+ acres of land that adjoins a public owned pond & picnic area.

    I live in the community I grew up in because it is a great place to raise my family of 1 boy and the occassional exchange student from all over the world.

    I just began self teaching myself in web design, one for our campground and two because I have another web-based business I'd like to start.

    I worked as a union electrician for almost 10 years before landing in a government job - UUGGHH! for 5 years before joining the family biz. I love the fact that I now have flexibility to be more involved with my son, but I put in a lot more hours than when I was a gov employee and have very little me time! Balance is something I am still working on after 3+ years in the family business.

    Biggest difficulty of the transition - missing socail / girl time. I really enoy Work It Mom for the 'girl chat' since I rarely get occasion to get together with just the girls in person. I have always been more comfy working with men - but now I realize that I DO need girlfriend time - just for R&R
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  • I do computer aided drafting. We design the equipment for power plants at my company such as boilers (that are over 100' tall). I get to model the parts in 3D so we can actually 'walk around' the plant on the screen. I like being a part of something large, but in this industry, everyone is replaceable. I love that we have flexibilty here. If you need a day off, you take it. If you want to take your vacation tomorrow, just tell your boss. I work a 9-80 schedule so I get every other Friday off.

    Seems like the majority work at home here. I'd love that, but I don't want to sell stuff or any of that. I was looking into medical transcription, but haven't researched it enough to see if it's actually profitable to my standard.
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  • Hi everyone. It is great to hear about such ambitious moms. Somedays I am too. I started a website called I just got it up and running and would really like some feedback. What is good, what needs improvement?? Is it user friendly, understandable?? Whatever you can give me. I too don't really have a clue what I am doing, but I have definitely learned a ton on this journey. I am also looking for women to start strollertalk walking groups in your area. I have also started a group on this site called moms with websites. Thanks Laurie
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  • I am new to WorkIt, Mom! I recently started with a stay at home group called The MOM Team. . We are proud to be partnered with an International Wellness Company that has credentials second to none and has won many awards!

    I am trying to build my own home-based business so that when I become pregnant, I will have gotten a strong foundation before the baby is born. I would love to raise my own child within my own home and eliminate the costs of daycare. What a dream come true that would be!

    Best Wishes!

    Felicia Jackson
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  • I'm new here and so surprised at all the business options out there. I thought there'd be more Avon reps here.

    Well, to answer your ?'s what I do...

    I sell Avon. I have been doing this for a few months and it has been a real life saver. After giving birth to my second child, my uterus prolapsed and I ended up having to quit my job. It wasn't long before I became stir-crazy AND in need of money. For me it's been great. I'm pretty new to this area so I knew very few people when I started Avon. Selling Avon has given me the opportunity to meet people I would have never met otherwise AND make the extra money I needed to not only get by, but to do things I want to do, too. It is really flexible and easy.

    The company has been around for 120 years! Talk about standing the test of time! No quotas - no inventories and it only takes $10 to start your own business. NO PRESSURE! You make it what you want it to be. All you have to do is share the books with friends and family. You also have the ability to have a webstore and sell to anyone anywhere! You can also build a team and earn up to 12% from their efforts. And you can earn a car allowance and trips and great stuff. This is a GREAT job and I just want to share it with everyone. If you think this might be something you are interested in, let me know!

    You can message me here on cafemom, at, or at
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