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What do you all do?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am also new to Workit Mom and I am enjoying reading some of the blogs. I have recently become a Pampered Chef Consultant and I am loving it. I have 2 kids and a husband and have been enjoying the flexibility of my job and the opportunity it has given me to contribute to the bottom line of my family.
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  • Hi everyone. First day here. I returned to work last week after the birth of my second child. I now have two little ones under the age of two. Boy 20 months old, girl 3 months old. I am crying at my desk... just so confused about whether or not I'm doing the right thing. The daycare person I have entrusted my children to is great, she sends me im's during the day, but I'm really struggling with returning to work.... my heart is in my stomach.
    How do I do it??? How do I become a freelance writer? I have only my associates degree, but have been told my entire life that I should write for a living (maybe a sign that I could really do this)!
    I make more money than my husband at this point, working in the i.t. industry, and I am not married to this profession at all, it's just a paycheck.
    I'm dizzy with uncertainty here - do i put work on hold until the kids are in kindergarten? Should I keep up my resume and continue on this career path to some unclear goal? I just don't know what to do!!!!
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  • I like this thread too. I sew and sell cloth diapers, among other products, online but am interesting in doing other things too. I am expecting, due sept 25th. i'm fairly new to marketing online and whatnot so it's been difficult, but my husband supports me and my job pays for itself, which is all i wanted. :)
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  • I'm a full time editor at a newspaper, but I also work from home (after the kids are in bed!) with my freelance writing and editing business. It's hectic, but I love it!
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