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Pen and Paper, Typewriter, or Computer?

  • How are you going to write your novel? With pen and paper, typewriter, or will you compose directly on the computer?

    I admit that I love pen and paper and so I will try to do a lot with that, but ultimately, I am just faster on the keyboard now. Pounding out the required word count may mean I have to use the computer.

    We have to do 1667 words a day to meet the deadline. Just in case you were wondering. That is about 4, typed, double-spaced pages a day. Piece of cake!
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  • computer computer computer - i am addicted to cut and paste and writing out ideas in paragraphs and then rearranging. LOVE IT. i used to be a pen and paper girl but NO MORE!

    HOLY COW thats a lot of words a DAY! what is the total word count? what have i gotten myself into?

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  • I'll be a combination of the pen & paper with the computer.

    My game plan is to use Google Docs so I can access anywhere (in theory) and print often so I know where I'm headed when I am in places (the rink) where the computer isn't an option.
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  • Computer. I tried taking some prep notes by hand this weekend and it felt so....hard! I do edit by hand, with a red pen, but that is small little jotting motions, not complete sentences.

    I am using Google Docs so I can move between the three computers in my life. I am using Excel to construct a timeline with commentary.
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