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Flu Shot?

  • We just met our future pediatrician and one of the first things she told my husband and I is to get a flu shot! I've never done it before, I am a strong believer that your body should be able to fight viruses on its own. But since i'm pregnant and we are going to have a newborn - I decided to give it a shot. What about others? Are you getting a flu shot?
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  • I'm actually phobic about syringes, so these decisions are really hard for me. In the past I've skipped the flu shot; but since I'm pregnant this year, I figure it's my responsibility to do everything I can to protect the baby. Of course, that's making the assumption that the shot itself is safe for the baby! I have an appt. next week, and I'll be asking my doctor about it then.
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  • I have never gotten a flu shot, while pregnant or otherwise. neither have my kids, and they've never gotten the flu.

    i agree with victoria, and focus more on nutrition to keep our immune systems strong.
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  • I've gotten sick the last three times I had a flu shot, so I am not going to do it again. My doctor argues with me that it can't make me sick, but I don't think it's a coincidence. My six-year-old son got a flu shot today, though. He seems to be feeling fine so far.
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  • My OB said "The CDC and the ACOG recommend it..." when I asked him, so I guess I will. Now I just have to figure out where to go. (And get over my cold first.)
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  • I never got the flu shot and agree to focus on staying healthy, boosting the immune system, etc.

    I'm questionable on the safety of vaccines in general. there is so much debate. I lean toward the natural side because I feel it's a safer bet.
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  • I just got my flu shot yesterday, as suggested by my OB. I've never had a flu shot in my life, but being a teacher and working in a germ-infested environment, I decided that I should take my part on keeping myself and the baby healthy. I have about 9 weeks to go, and it has been a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings. After my shot, I came home and ate a kiwi, tomato, and strawberrie, to boost my vitamin C's. I've also been drinking tons of water. So far so good. I only have a sore bump on my arm from the flu shot area.
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  • I have never gotten the flu shot, and I didn't get it when I was pregnant. I don't trust 'em, and I see no reason for 'em. I can be cool with vaccinations in general, but the flu is something your body can totally fight on it's own -- if it even needs to.

    I'd concentrate more on eating healthy and taking good care of yourself -- rest when you can, take it easy, all that good stuff. Get some fresh air, too -- that always helps.
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  • The only time I got the flu shot, I had the worst case of flu I've ever had in my life...

    Two things you should keep in mind about the flu shot:

    1.) It has thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative that some people feel is linked to autism and autistic behaviors

    2.) The influenza vaccine isn't really that effective (it works on less than 15 percent of the people who exhbit flu-like symptoms). Here's a link: RarelyEffective.html
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  • I've had a flu shot every season now for years. It's my understanding that its effectiveness depends on how close the manufacturers come to predicting what's going to be the dominant virus(es) that season. Sometimes their prediction is good, sometimes less so. I recognize that some people have adverse reactions to the flu shot. Speaking for myself, I do not, and I also have not had the flu in all those years. Nasty intestinal viruses, yes, but not the flu. Also, as far as thimerosal goes, here's what the CDC has to say about it: "The majority of influenza vaccines distributed in the United States currently [do] contain thimerosal as a preservative. However, some contain only trace amounts of thimerosal and are considered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be preservative-free. Manufacturers of preservative-free flu vaccine use thimerosal early in the manufacturing process. The thimerosal gets diluted as the vaccine goes through the steps in processing. By the end of the manufacturing process there is not enough thimerosal left in the vaccine to act as a preservative and the vaccine is labeled 'preservative-free'." And manufacturers are starting to move away from using thimerosal at all in the production of the flu vaccine. It won't happen overnight, but it's already started. - Paula.

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