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  • Any other LinkedIn members? I joined a while ago but only recently realized what a great asset it can be. is my profile and I'll take more connections in the hopes it will lead to more work. The more work the merrier. Funny how it seems a little like "slutting" myself online, though. And if anyone has great online networking ideas I'm open to those as well.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 13th October 2007
  • I'm still learning about LinkedIn. My profile is at I'll be adding you!
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  • Mandy - I like LinkedIn, but I've found that some of the best networking I've done is through blogs. I never thought I'd say this but I've met some great people, professionaly, through their blogs or responding to comments on other relevant blogs. It takes time, but it's worth it.
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  • P.S. As I typed the answer above, I saw this post about how Facebook is changing its feature to be more focused on professional networking: linkedin-in-the-crosshairs/
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  • Great article Nataly!! I actually have a friend who owns his business (tech company) and he HATES linkedIn! But LOVES Facebook! Even setup groups with the name of the company that he can invite people to - separate ones for clients, employees, and former employees. I think they will merge eventually - it is very difficult/annoying to have both (which of course I do because I am that geeky) but right now they are so different it’s necessary!

    I have to be honest though, I have yet to receive any kind of job or other work related networking benefit from either... YET!

    and as long as we are all shareing... here is my LinkedIn!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 15th October 2007
  • Good to know, Gals, thanks! Thanks for pointing me to that article, too. I never joined facebook figuring it was too much like myspace (and yes, I'm a member of that though I feel like it should be a dirty little secret!) and I just didn't need to spend time on that, too. LinkedIn was brought to my attention my an old college friend and while it hasn't done anything for me yet, I'm still looking at it in a positive light. I've managed to link to some of my biggest clients and some tiny ones I want repeat business from.

    There isn't much out there for people in my field to network and find each other and I'm only just discovering the world of blogging which could be dangerous since I love to write and haven't taken the time to do so in years. I've spent a pretty penny on sites that would help me get work and they only ended up getting me enough work to pay for the membership. It's frustrating only in that I finally have the drive and stamina to expand and network. Good thing I've got you gals to help in the idea and experience department.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 15th October 2007
  • ha! you are so funny! i have a myspace page too - but i havent done a thing with it in a very long time LOL! many more of my friends that i actually want to keep in contact with are on facebook or linkedIn! much more socially acceptable
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 15th October 2007
  • I would like to say hello to all here because I just joined this network/site at Work it! Mom today.

    I was quickly drawn to this group and subject of networking online because I feel that it is a broad, however, important subject that a lot of people are scared of and/or do not know how to execute it properly.

    I am a moderator of one Ryze network called HER Mastermind on Rzye by Heidi Richards (she also owns and founded WECAI -Women's eCommerce Association International). That is the only Ryze network I am a part of at this point because I find that it still provides value to my day or week. I also have a newly created MySpace page: (if you add me as a friend, I will do the same)

    Do any of you post on Ryze? or Yahoo Groups? Why or Why not?

    I love to network and would love to hear your best tips about networking!

    Mine is just start networking to meet people and see what they like and what they are about. Don't go into networking with selling on your mind straight away.

    I look forward to meeting each of you and getting to know you more.


    Teresa Morrow
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  • Funny you should mention Ryze, Teresa, b/c I joined many months ago but haven't done a thing with my profile b/c it didn't seem like it was worth the effort. Have you had any luck with it? Good point about not going into it with selling on your mind right away. I'm really just trying to get the word out about what I do so the next time someone thinks they need a voice for anything they think, "hey, don't I know someone who does that?" I'm not so good at the marketing and selling aspect!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 16th October 2007
  • i have never heard of Ryze (shhh dont tell the techies or they might revoke my geekpass)... what is the market/target audience?

    before i go running over and trying it i would also like to know if it works for you...
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