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Any sugestions for making global issues speak to American Moms?

  • I work for the Women's Edge Coalition, a non-profit that works to help women in poor countries lift their families out of poverty. We would really like to engage more mothers because they (obviously ) know first hand how strong the link is between women and healthy, prosperous families. Does anyone have any suggestions on a) where to reach out to American moms and b) how to make global women's issues hit home with American moms? I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Laura on 15th October 2007
  • First of all, Laura, I think it is a noble cause you're working on.

    The first thing I suggest is to continue writing stories and articles on this site (and others possibly, too) that highlight specific examples of where and how your funding has made a difference. I can connect to a specific story of success easier than I can connect to the general big cause.

    Second, if you can put pictures with those stories, or even a photographic essay showing - again - specific women in their surroundings who are being impacted by the good work of the W.E.C., that will help people care about what you're doing.

    Third, continue to present information/numbers/graphs on all the different aspects of how economic help to the women in poor countries helps- really helps. That's why Three cups of tea is so effective - one really gets a full understanding of how these people, that seem so real, really benefit from the help of the Central Asia Institute.

    Finally, Laura, as wonderful as your organization is, and a committed as you are, i get somewhat of a "hard sell" feeling from you. Since I've joined this site, your article and emails have been quite insistent on this cause and your agenda seems to be to participate on this work it mom site to generate donors for your cause. This may not be true! But that's how it comes accross, and you know the old saying, "Perception is reality." Perhaps that is why you don't get many comments. If you want people to care about the Women's Edge Coalition, tell the story, educate, and show it's purpose, but don't push so hard.

    Good Luck!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anne Florenzano on 15th October 2007
  • Hi Anne,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I am new at my job and welcome any help I can get. It's true, I do want everyone to sign our petitions, but I love spending time on the site and connecting with the work it mom community. Again, Anne, thanks for your help and expect to see some photos and graphs coming soon!

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  • Hi Laura,

    I also have a big commitment to social justice and to improving the lives of people in Third World countries. It is a well-established fact that if we want to improve the lives of people in these countries we work through the women. Women will do anything for their children and those children are the future of their world.

    I am very committed to the micro credit movement and the stories that come out of that. Women are given small loans of $70AU, for example, and they begin a business that lifts their whole family out of poverty. You would know all this. Telling these stories is, I think, the best way to capture the imagination of people and getting them to contribute. Story telling is very powerful. I would also agree with Anne above that translating the economics into our language is also an important motivation. $70 to many of us would not be missed, but to think that it could help someone build a profitable business is pretty powerful stuff. We have some projects here in Australia of women working in groups on this stuff. For example, having been captured by a situation, a group of say 10 women will each make a commitment to give $70 year to support 10 women set up their businesses. They would send the $700 to one of our overseas aid organisations to distribute, but they would follow the progress of the women who received it. One organisation has even gone as far as organising trips to these areas to offer small business training and support to these women as they begin to get their businesses off the ground.

    But keep up the good work. The world needs people like you.
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  • I'm really impressed with both of you.

    I can't wait to read more articles and posts about the great things your

    organizations are doing - it's so important!
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