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  • Hi everyone! I read about WIM in the Boston Globe Magazine. My name is Paula, I'm 42 & married 18 yrs with 1 DS, 7. I work a standard FT schedule as a programmer at a software company. I exercise during my lunchbreaks and am a tae kwon do student 3x/wk. (I got into the latter b/c DS did it first.) Hard work, but it's rewarding too. And I said in my profile, my most likely method of de-stressing is...well...watching TV. It's just too dang effective.

    - Paula.
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  • Hey Paula,

    So nice to meet you! I hear you on the watching TV to destress. It's definitely one of my favorite pass times. Hope to see more of you around the site!
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  • Hi, Paula!

    So glad you found us - and we have the same destressing method. (In fact, I just took an hour off from working to watch en episode of House on DVR, my new favorite destresser.)

    I am a fellow lunch-time exerciser - except for 2 mornings a week when I go to spin very early. Before I started Work It, Mom! I worked in an office full-time but would still sneak out for a lunch-time workout every day!

    Thanks for joining WIM- look forward to seeing you around!
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  • Hi mamajama and Nataly....

    Thanks for the welcome. Nataly: was it you who was interviewed for that article I read in the BGM? And I notice from your profile that you have interest in Spanish culture: your fave book is by G.G. Márquez, your fave film is by Almodóvar (I really liked that film too!), your interest in travelling to Latin America....

    And mamajama: you are a Sp/En translator. Very cool.

    Why does this all catch my eye? B/c I'm Latin-American. My folks grew up in South America. Except for DM & DB (DF is deceased), they're all still down there. Alas, since I speak English with my family, my Spanish gets increasingly rusty. ¡Necesito practicar!


    - Paula.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 18th October 2007

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