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the great stroller debate

  • I am researching strollers and wondering if any of you have decided on which strollers are the most realistic, convenient, multi-functional, etc.? I'll take as much realistic registry advice as you have!
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  • i have the phil and ted's E3, which i got after my second kid, who was 15months younger than my first... if you are planning to have another, it is a good buy because the second seat is an optional purchase and their are a bunch of configurations you can utilize for newborn up to also folds up really easily, not too heavy and travels well..i had to get replacement wheels for it and it was easy to order replacement parts.
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  • I'm registered for the phil and ted's E3. I'm pregnant with my first and we're not sure if there will be a second yet, but we thought we may as well get something we can continue to use if we do have another baby.

    I've "test-driven" this stoller at our local baby store (it's not carried Babies R Us, btw) and it's much more slim than jogging strollers but seems like it will take a lot more than the regular Graco-type strollers. It also turns on a dime and comes in really fun colors.
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  • wow - i'll have to check this stroller out - i haven't heard of it! Thanks for the tip Jen and Ashley!
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  • I really like my Jeep brand jogging stroller because 1) it was CHEAP, 2) I have always felt that my son was secure in it, 3) the front wheel can lock for jogging or be unlocked for anything else (not usually a feature in jogging strollers), and 4) it was CHEAP. Did I mention it was cheap? Especially good because now that he's almost 2 he hardly stays in any stroller for long and I usually just take the $15 umbrella one. Good thing I didn't spend more than $120 on a fancy stroller that I'd only use for a year, huh?!
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  • I have this:

    I bought it based on recommendations from friends and reviews online. It's definitely not the cheapest, but it really helps me get around quickly and without a hitch!
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  • Thanks for all the information
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  • Quinny Buzz pushchairs have ground breaking' gas spring technology allowing you to unfold the chair with just one hand:
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