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Woking out several short times a day?

  • I was watching fit tv the other day and someone recommended working out for three ten minute periods a day. I think this could work for me...since a half hour chunk isn't too realistic because my time away from babyjama is already scheduled out...Do any of you ladies do this?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 20th October 2007
  • I did this for a while last year when it was conducive in my schedule. I would get up a little earlier, do 10 minutes of Yoga. Then, I would take a walk at lunch (which actually ended up being about 20 minutes...), and then, when my daughter came home from pre-school we would do something active - like play hop-scotch, or ball, or soccer. We would play those games for about 15 minutes or so - until her attention wore off of it LOL!

    It actually worked pretty well to keep me in shape. I was a little worried at first because I'm used to working out vigorously for longer periods of time. Now, I'm back to teaching dance three times a week, so that's my workout... that and hiking on the weekends.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenn_Givler on 20th October 2007
  • I've heard the same recently mamajama.

    I'm slowly working myself into a routine of working out and I've just started doing some Tae Bo 13 minutes at a time using the free videos on my cable company's on demand area.

    I could never last through a whole workout LOL!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kelly McCausey on 5th November 2007
  • It is the perfect solution for a hectic schedule. I get up before anyone one in the house and do a 15 minute cardio workout. When both kids are home from the sitter and school we turn on the music and dance around. (usually for 15-20 minutes) It sounds silly but it is terrific stress relief from a crazy day at work especially if you add singing! LOL
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