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Great article in Current VOGUE mag about Home Birth

  • Hi Ladies,

    There's a great article in the current (NOV) Vogue mag about a woman in NYC (hte writer) who decided to have a Home birth with her second child...

    I am also curious about people's thought's on home birth....
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  • I don't trust the hospitals around here (I had my first in another state), so if I ever have another (wish me luck!) I'll be having a home birth if at all possible. I could get to a hospital very quickly if there was ever a problem, but with the rampant staph infections they have there, I'd rather not!
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  • I'm too freaked out to have a home birth.... I need to have a bunch of machines and monitors around me (i'm a geek that way) .... I know it's not needed and overkill - but makes me feel comfortable for some reason ...kinda like having my laptop and bbry not too far away
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  • I find it facinating to learn that in other cultures the majority of women have home births-- In Denmark, for instance-- most healthy women have home births and only the at risk women have hospital births. the hospital is there for those who have complications only...
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