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Prepping for maternity leave

  • Have you started the HR paperwork for your maternity leave? What are your plans? Full 12 weeks? More? Are you using up vacation and sick time?

    I took 12 weeks the first go-round, through short-term disability and FMLA. I got paid half of that time, if I remember correctly.

    For this baby I might take 10 weeks at the outset, then go back to work and save 2 weeks for later in the summer (my baby's due in February). I think you can do that with FMLA - take the time, up to 12 weeks, any time in the first year after birth/adoption.

    Just curious about everyone's preparation.
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  • I work for a very small nonprofit (I'm 1 of 3 employees) so I don't have HR paperwork per se. I have sat down with my boss to work out the details though. I'm taking the full 12 weeks given by disability and FMLA. In addition, I'll go back to work half-time for 4 weeks while receiving full pay (my company's maternity leave policy).

    You're right, with FMLA, you don't have to take the full 12 weeks at once. You can take them anytime within the first year post birth/adoption. You also don't have to take them in weeks. My boss knows a dad who took off every Friday for the better part of a year.

    Good luck!
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