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Hello Mummies with Tunmmies!

  • OK, I must confess that I'm not pregnant. We are officially done in this house, at least with me birthing anymore little ones. However, Victoria has encouraged me to post here and in order to do so I had to join first. So I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Mandy, mom to two girls, 3 & 1.5. They were a planned 18 months apart. In college I was both a live in and live out nanny for several families while their little ones where between newborn and 4. So I've got lots of experience in the way of wee ones, baby gear, music, tips, etc. I did Hypnobirthing for both births (two COMPLETELY different stories), am a certified prenatal yoga instructor and don't believe in telling women your horrible child birth experience. It's one thing to be informed, it's another to have to hear horrendous unsolicited stories!! I also didn't take maternity leave when my girls were born but that's a story in itself. I don't regret it b/c it really wasn't necessary at the time.

    I promise to not be a "you should do this" poster here! But I can share lots of great (I hope) insight. Feel free to contact me with questions and I wish all of you working mamas the best of luck!
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  • Thanks Mandy for joining and introducing yourself to our fabulous group!!! We really welcome anybody who can provide great advice/support to this community

    what is Hypnobirth? I'm really curious - i don't think i know anyone who did that.....
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  • Hypnobirthing is using self hypnosis during labor and delivery. If you are into meditation and hypnosis then it is a fabulous way to help you get through labor. And now before you think I'm all sorts of amazing (tee hee) I did use drugs, too. I loved the freedom and connection the hypnobirthing gave me. I didn't want the drugs with the first kid but there were some circumstances that made it important so when I went in w/ number two I knew what I wanted. Loved hypnobirthing and the experiences it gave me.
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