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How do you make it work?

  • How do you find that work/life balance? Do you have a flexible work schedule? and if so how did you make it work?
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  • Making it work...I think it's something that will never be quite right. I have a very flexible work schedule but that doesn't mean I can balance it right. And with two little kids - 3 & 1.5 - the balance shifts every day. In order to really make it work it involves lists, planning, collaborating with my husband, and the ability to let it go sometimes. There are days I feel highly accomplished and others I feel like I've failed in some areas. Today's a good day, though

    This is certainly one of those topics that we could discuss forever and ever and ever and still not get to the happily ever after! I hope others chime in with whatever little tip they have. Then we can compile them all into a book and make a WIM fortune!
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  • Hello,

    I stopped wasting time working a traditional job. It seemed the bosses made all the money & I made all the sacrifices! Two years ago I changed all that and started working FOR MYSELF, FROM HOME.

    I work when I want to. I have no direct selling. no product inventories. no organizing parties. I have an awesome support team who gave me the training and information necessary for my success. There was absolutely NO RISK. I can teach anyone to do the same and work right along with you!

    If you have an interest to find out more, please go to our website and request information from there by clicking on “Hitch your Wagon to a Star”.

    I only needed a computer with Internet access and a can-do attitude!
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