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Turning "Yuk!" veggies into "OMG!" veggies

  • I bow down in thanks to those geniuses who invented Here's that site's top-rated recipe for brussels sprouts, that much-hated of vegetables. Although tiny and adorable, the brussels sprout grosses many people out, especially kids. But try it this way. It's foolproof and fantastic:

    Toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, then roast in a 400oF oven for 30 to 45 minutes. Leave them in 'till the outsides are sort of blackening. Really!

    Does anyone else have "Transformation" recipes to share?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 1st November 2007
  • ha! i do the same thing with fresh green beans - it's the only way my hubby will eat them!

    i would love some easy tranformation recipees! espeically ones that a 16 month old can eat with all his top teeth and only 2 bottom teeth. All these fiber rich veggies are really hard for him to bite off/chew!

    but he needs more than pasta with tomato sauce! and corn!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 1st November 2007
  • Oh, I will try it with beans. I guess a food scientist wonk could tell us why foods taste wonderful when roasted 'till they're crispy!

    I, also, would love more veggie finger food ideas for babies. That's what my baby had tonight for veggies: corn and peas. Sometimes I feel like all she eats is pasta and those goldfish crackers - which, by the way, I swore I'd never feed a child. Ha! Before I had one!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 1st November 2007
  • This sounds strange, but it's really good. Steam veggies, and then add a little butter, a little cottage cheese, some brewer's yeast, and some Bragg liquid aminos, and they are melt in your mouth scrumptious! (you can get the brewer's yeast and aminos at your local health food store)...even my husband loves it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 2nd November 2007
  • Hmm. That does sound interesting. I have never even heard of liquid aminos... Now, as for brewer's yeast: is that the same as yeast extract? Because that I do have here at the homestead.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 2nd November 2007
  • Brewer's yeast is also called nutritional yeast flakes. I have no idea about yeast extract though.
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  • That is my favorite way to make brussel sprouts! We also toss in a little bit of thick-cut bacon, chopped up fine. I've never tried it with green beans, though -- but I will soon!

    My kids will eat any veggie if they can dip it in Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing (Made by Ken's). Doesn't matter if it's cooked or raw, if there's dressing, they'll eat it.

    (Not a food scientist, but... I think food tastes great when it's roasted because the high heat carmelizes the natural sugars -- same reason a sweet potato tastes sweeter if it's roasted rather than boiled...)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 2nd November 2007
  • I posted this exact message in another thread, but I thought it would serve well here too:

    I found some great recipes in a Christmas cookbook for green beans and brussel sprouts, but they can be made anytime.

    Green Beans with Sage Walnut Butter: Melt butter in a saute pan just until bubbling. Add crushed walnut pieces and some chopped sage (dried will do), and continue to cook for 1-2 minutes. Drizzle over fresh steamed green beans.

    Brussels with Bacon and Mustard: Cook bacon in fry pan until crispy; drain on paper towel. Reserve 2 tbsp of bacon fat in pan and discard the rest. Add chopped green onion to pan and cook for about 3 minutes. Add mustard, orange juice and butter, and cook until butter is melted. Drizzle over fresh steamed brussel sprouts and toss to coat.

    My guests have raved over the above recipes (even people who don't like brussel sprouts like mine!). The key is using fresh veggies... not canned or frozen.
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  • Brussel sprouts

    prosciutto ham

    balsalmic vinegar


    sautee brussel sprouts, with a bit of butter & evoo, add ham, add onions, add balsalmic vinegar

    mmmm, my kids love it
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 16th November 2007

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